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Jan 29, 2004
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Well this topic would probably have been made if I hadn't done it so... :p beat you to it :p .

Anyways, I want to know what games you've really enjoyed playing this year, and not just the obvious ones. What games surprised you by being far better than you expected and what games disappointed you greatly. Basically, it can be a game on any format that you played for the first time this year as well as games released this year. For example, if you downloaded something on the Virtual Console on your Wii that you never played before but really enjoyed it.

So now you know what to do, do it. I'll post mine later once I see what others have been enjoying playing this year. Also, I want to think of the more unusual games I played this year that I really enjoyed playing which is another reason why I'll post my thoughts later.

So start posting.
I thought God of War II was equally as awesome as the original. I thoroughly enjoyed that, as well as CoD4 (little short, still great fun), Portal (epic motion sickness, but I chugged cola and I guess that helped me to finish it in a little under 3.5 outs straight), Phantom Hourglass is great but I'm too lazy to pick it back up and continue playing (I do this kind of shit often), BioShock is a real quality game, but I'm still on the fence as to whether or not it's too weird/difficult to bother enjoying.

Assassin's Creed hasn't gotten enough playtime yet, but I think it was my disappointment of the year. That's not really saying much though, as everything I've played so far has been enjoyable.

Still quite a bit to play. This free games website has provided me with games faster than I can play them. I think Mass Effect will be next (taking a break from shooters for a minute), and then back to Orange Box to conquer Half Life 2 and the corresponding episodes.

I'm a happy gamer this year! :D
BioShock is a real quality game, but I'm still on the fence as to whether or not it's too weird/difficult to bother enjoying.

I think its awesome..
Shouldn't be difficult.. once you get later into the game it picks up.
and dont use vita chambers just save often and re-load saves instead of using that shit xD
Nice topic ..

Burnout Dominator on PSP took up some time!
Chrono Trigger via SNES emulation on GP2X
Broken Sword via Scumm on laptop

Have played loads but these ones standout for 2007 for me. Must buy some new games soon ... :lol:
I got one of those R4 things on my birthday back in July, so I've been loving loads of DS games...

The two Castlevania ones, Contact, Electroplankton, Mario Kart, Duck Amuck, Contra 4 (!!!).
Also, I only played Scramble, Time Pilot and Dig-Dug II for the first time thise year on various Konami and Namco collections on the same said DS.

The same goes with lots of compilations I've got for the X-Box, which have let me enjoy the likes of Cameltry, Narc, SonSon, Darius Gaiden and Elevator Action Returns.

Not to mention Cannon Spike for the Dreamcast!
Yes, it's been a good year for "new" games. :D
@ sensible_GP32 - knew you would say that. Was just wondering how long before you posted it.

Anyways, I think that the biggest surprise of this year gaming wise for me was Bioshock. I had heard absolutely nothing about it until right before it was released and found it to be a spectacular first person shooter that really did put Halo 3's single player to shame (except for the end battle. That bit plain sucked.)

Nothing has really disappointed me game-wise this year more than Assassin's Creed and Halo 3. Both were built up with hype quite a bit and both let me down in terms of gameplay. Shame because I know many others enjoyed both but I just didn't enjoy them very much at all.

I will say that there have been many fantastic games this year, many getting the attention they deserve (COD4, The Orange Box to name two which are getting vast amounts of attention), but there were also games that didn't get the attention they deserved, even with the good reviews all across the board (Super Mario Galaxy, God of War 2, and Okami all deserved to do better than they did).

I think 2008 has a lot to live up to. This year has given us some truly amazing games and so far for next year, all we have is GTA 4 as the big hitter and nothing much to go along with it. I look forward to seeing how the Wii continues to develop, seeing as this year has been very good to it showing what the Wii is truly capable of and I hope this continues into next year with the port of Okami, No More Heroes, and Zack and Wiki (not out in europe yet :() I look forward to seeing how the PS3 is going to step up to the plate as well what with MGS4 coming out. With the 360, I think it's just a matter of developers continuing to implement online into their games to make them that bit better while giving us some new types of sub-genres to stop it from becoming bogged down with more mediocre FPS'.

As for the handhelds, the DS has had a strong year what with Pokemon and Phantom Hourglass both being fantastic. However, I do see that there may come a point next year where new games for the DS may become a problem as there are currently no big hitting titles to come for it apart from the new Advance Wars and Fire Emblem. For the PSP, I'm not really sure. I haven't paid much attention to it really so I don't really know what 2008 holds for it in terms of games.
Got myself The Orange Box today. I understand why people are raving about Portal. 'Tis fantastic. Shame there is no team deathmatch for Team Fortress 2 though. Would have been nice to be in there instead of capture the flag/briefcase.
I haven't really played many 2007 games. So far I've only bought Spider-Man 3 and Call of Duty 4. I do think that CoD4 deserves this spot. It's got some great singleplayer but once you're done with that it's time to test your skills online. Ranking up is shorter than in games like BF2 but there's a bunch of challenges, weapons, weapon attachments, and perks to unlock.

I really love the create a class (which you unlock early in the game). Shit was exploding all around me one time and I had to get the hell out of one of the buildings and did an epic jump that rewards you more XP. With all the futuristic and WWII kinda stuff out there I've been looking for a great modern combat game and I have finally found just the game that I wanted and one that will last me through my winter break.

I recieved the God of War demo for PSP and I know this won't count but this demo is the best game I've played on the PSP so far and there's no doubt it will win a PSP game of the year award next year.
Most time gaming was spent playing online; Battlefield 2142, TF2, Vanguard.

But I enjoyed Valkyrie Profile Lenneth (While using a walkthrough to get the good ending :D), Final fantasy 9, Global defence force and ICO from what I can remember.

I tend to buy games when they are very cheap, so I am looking forward to getting all this years/last years/last last years games in 2008. Unless it is REALLY good which is very rare, they all seem the same these days. Need to stop playing online games. B)
For me Super mario galaxy was game of the year, ive been playing on and off since the day it came out and i still havent lost interest (in the bedroom area now) a lot of people say its too easy but if you stick to making sure you get every star from each galaxy its far from easy, theres something magical about it, it just reminds me a little bit of how playing games on my snes used to feel, its hard to explain i guess.

other than that i had orange box, having never played a half life game ever i bought it purely from what all the brilliant reviews said about it (id heard its recieved crap reviews for the ps3 port by EA), so far ive only played half life 2 and finished it, and i thought it was amazing, ive still yet to try ep 1 & 2, portal and team fortress. brilliant game,

games i also played this year that i enjoyed:bioshock(was good but not as brilliant as some made out) halo 3 (brilliant online) COD4 (bit short and easy but good online) The Darkness, pokemon diamond/pearl, phantom hourglass, and probably more but i cant remember, 2007 was definitely a good year for games.
Favourite: FFXII, followed by Uncharted

Surprise: Enchanted Arms: A cracking RPG despite what the reviewers say. Get it. Cost me £12 on ebay new.

Also needing a mention is Phoenix Wright 3. Excellent Story in there. Also Heavenly Sword: best graphics in any game I've seen, and brilliant story and acting ("My Sacred Genitals!!!").
I think my game of 2007 would be Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. It was not really highly anticipated, nobody raved about it and I only picked it up on a whim and by pure chance, but my god it's fun. I have finished it dozens of times either alone or with friends (playing this game with 4 players is pure greatness). Also: Deadpool rules, as always.

I got the Orange Box for christmas and I love it. Portal is wonderful (also, go cake!) and everyone I showed it to thoroughly enjoyed it - a shame that it is so short. TF2 is insane fun, eventhough I am incredibly bad. I have never played Half-Life 2 before but now I know what all the hubbub was about ;) I'm currently stuck at a really frustrating "tower defense" part right now though... I have not played episode one or two since I want to follow the storyline in the right order.

Third place goes to Clive Barker's Jericho. I love it. Yes, I know, it's oh so repetitive and meh, but I like it a lot (the ending sucks though). This is a game that would have really benefited from coop...

Also, honorary mentions to Dragon Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and Battlefield 2142. I played these games a lot but to be honest they are quite forgettable.
I'd like to blow the trumpet a bit for Endless Ocean on the Wii. I only recently bought this game (£14.99 - bargain) and I have to say it is fantastic. If you like your games at a relaxing pace with no real need to actually fulfill objectives but just explore the sunken depths that are the ocean, then you'll love this. Graphically, above the water it isn't that great. Its while diving though that it really looks fantastic. So easy to get lost in the game. Was playing earlier one and lost myself in it for an hour just looking around. Oh, and MP3 playback which is good.

Haven't tried the online yet but its not the kind of game that you'll just play with anyone online. Need to pick wisely to get the best out of it. Wish their was voice chat on the Wii though which would make it even better.
The two big surprises for me were Cave Story and Avencast. Two great games.

The two biggest dissapointments were Crysis and The Stranger. Both were still great games, but I expected something more like Farcry 2 from Crysis. (As in hard)

Portal was great becuase it was so unique, but a couple of hours isn't much game play. For a puzzle game it was overly easy. I don't think it required you to stop and think at all. I remember when puzzel games were hard like Adventures of Lolo 2. :) Games like Portal are the ultimate "dumbification" when they have a great idea for a puzzle game and then make it beatable by anyone.

Bioshock was my favourite overall, which was only a shock because the demo was awful.