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Gamescom is starting again tomorrow and (I assume) @ED will be there again to in the retro-section (hall 10).


Photo's and updates will be done tomorrow™.

It appears there is a festival to on Saturday/Sunday:

You can read previous post of past events here:
Some photos of the Dragon Box Shop at Gamescom.

The large controller makes its appearance again.

Nice retro games.

I spotted an ED in the wild. He's looking at Commando.
Commando has a nice tune that is stuck in my mind since I played it the first time as a child.

The version ED is looking at is the Atari version, similar tune though:
The Indie section had many games this year again, which is great. People put so much love into those projects and it shows.

One example already, the game Stories of Blossom.
They not only worked on the game and prepared Gamescom, but they put some decorations near the game to make it look nicer. They are usually standing next to it and happily explain how the games work.

You can find it on Steam:
I expected to see Tempest Rising, as they had a booth for it last year, but I only found 3DRealms in the Indie section with a few tables.
They did release a playable (beta) demo on Steam already:
It gave me the Command & Conquer feeling without the polish, I assume they can remove the rough edges somewhat before release.

I did spot RipOut and they had Phantom Fury cards available:

I enjoyed playing Ion Fury, so looking forward to the Aftershock expansion and Phantom Fury.
Some of the bigger titles taking some space on walls:

Alan Wake 2. I enjoyed Alan Wake on the Xbox 360, I actually didn't find the shooting part necessary but I guess they have to for sales.
This part 2 is supposed to be really different and not a regular follow-up game-play-wise.

Pikmin4; now with a dog:

Vampire Survivor for the Nintendo Switch, can be an addicting game due to the max ~30min sessions. On Steam it's pretty cheap.

A video interview of the making of Vampire Survivors:

I'm not familiar with Fritz-Kola but they have a game on arcade cabinets in the Indie section which looked nice.

This year there is an VR area, free-roaming gameplay.
More indie: Steel Aces

This (in development) game is about tanks, more accurate tanks and simulations compared to current commercial games.
So if you like tanks and history this game might be for you.


If you want to register for the beta, you can find the registration here:

On Gamescom you can play the game, it can be found here: Hall 10, Indie area E010g D011g (Block 1)
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And no secretly engineered new processor board was revealed, neither a Pyra² :(
A Pyra 2 would not make any sense, the big Selling Point of the Pyra is that you only will need new CPU Boards and maybe one or 2 new Batteries in the next few decates to let it stay up to date, or at least fast enough ..
And I secretly hope Nintendo will jump on the sustainability train and the long overdue reveal of the Switch² will in fact be just a new Tegra board. So you can defacto switch your switch to a next gen switch.
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Some brands seen at Gamescom:

Amazon Web-Services, probably used in a lot of infrastructure by games and we aren't aware of that.

ASRock for PC-gamers:

AMD is probably also found in many game related hardware:

If you think about game you obviously thought about.. Netflix? They want to provide games as a service, so who knows it might be only known for this in the future:

Nintendo was present again:

I didn't really see them but I did spot their logo, nVidia:

Sega was there with some nice decorated stands:

I spotted Steam while they didn't really have a stand. I also spotted multiple Steam Decks as a mobile pc for presenting game demo's.

I think they are more of a publisher today but I still link them to the game Worms, Team 17:

Ubisoft was present:

If you don't spot Sony you will not miss Microsofts console, Xbox:

If you buy games legally for your PC you might be a fan of Denuvo's copy protection keeping sales up, soon coming to Nintendo Switch:
I thought about (banned) JDTAY when I noticed someone was dressed as a pizza. I didn't make a photo, but it looked something like this:
I didn't look spectacular, but it the costume was unique for Gamecom visitors.

There was also a pizza-place but this person appeared to not be related to it (it would have made some sense to wear that costume in that case).