Good Racing Game


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Oct 10, 2004

i am pretty new to the scene (actually this is my 2nd post on this board :eek: ) and i got my gp last week :)

i am very impressed and satisfied with what it can do. i already got a bunch of sweet games to play on it, as well as some emu's and apps.

the only thing i am missing is a good racing game. either as rom for genesis, game gear or nes or maybe there is a good racing game out for the gp itself?

please let me know, maybe along with a lil description.

thanks :)
I've dicovered Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2 was released for Genesis... Remember playing that one quite alot on Amiga back in the day.

Also someone did make a circuit sprint type of game for GP32.

Oh... and Micro Machines was released for lots of systems.
Top Gear is a great racing game that was released on the SNES, don't know how well it plays on the GP32 though.
The supercars games are great if you like the management & racing ones.

Has some really quirky money making mini games too, as well as the ability to buy rockets etc. for your cars.

holy crap does road rash work on FGEN? with sound? I love road rash.
Don't forget Sonic Drift and Sonic Drift 2 - both are Gamegear games, but are actually remarkably good. As long as you aren't after realism. But for a Mario-cart-esque racing game, they rock. Complete with power ups, holes in the road that need jumping, and even banking on some bits of the tracks :D.

There's a few remarkably nice looking games on the ST, but most of those used full 3D, which makes them insanely juttery on Castaway. Hopefully they'll be less so as and when a Cyclone core is implemented. Or of course, if Mr_Mirko's Hatari port turns out to be as much faster than Castaway as we all hope it will be (though Castaway is VERY VERY fast all things considered).

On the GP32 itself, there's a few demos, but some look promising. Giro is good, as is Efecero, though neither is a full on game. There's also a tunnel game (can't remember the name, of course) which is pretty good; time trial rather than actual racing though. There's also a nice demo put out by Mithris involving a car, a track, and some decent speed in real 3D. Which is good. Finally, though it has yet to see the light of day, there was at one stage a game being worked on by a guy called Daz Generic (I think) which looked like it would be astounding. Unfortunately, it has yet to come out, and since Daz would seem for now to have vanished, I haven't a clue whether it even is still in production.
Traditionally, Hatari is slower than CaSTaway (dreamcast, etc.)

The real issue is in CaSTawya, math emulation is slow..

Buggy Boy, Overlanders and many great classics are not 3d based per se.

Oh yeah - buggy boy one of the best ever! Those giant sprites on the speccy version! How did they do it in 48k... amazing.

Ohhh my god, yes Craig, I remember Buggy Boy on the Amiga. It was a real giggle. Mind you I soon discovered Wizball and quite forgot about it.....

I played Buggy Boy earlier on my Amiga, It's still kewl!!!!

It's Daz_Genetic, and he is actually working on replacement gp32 cases ATM, so his game has been put on hold.
There are some obscure ones for the SNES that work nicely on the GP32:-

Utya Race Astro Go! Go! - This is a Mario Kart clone with surreal graphics that runs more or less full speed.

Zen Nihon GT - Isometric sports car racing. Some Japanese text but nothing too heavy.

King of Rally - An isometric view again. This time it's based on the Paris to Beijing rally.

Exhaust Heat - An early F1 racing game that runs very well on the GP32.

Super Off Road - Super Sprint clone with pickup trucks. Works perfectly.

Zero 4 Champ - Drag racing game that plays very well in two player mode.

I know these are not obvious choices but I like them and they could make an interesting change.
Avoid Street Racer, it's damn awful.

Try RC Pro AM on the NES, and if there's a faster version of FGB soon try Mickey's Adventure Racing (Like Diddy Kong Racing for the GBC-much better than it's sequel.)