Google Talk / Voice + Usb Travel Modem?


Dec 31, 2007
Gmail started bugging me about the ability to make skype like phone calls in my web browser via the google talk widget. I was wondering if this plugin would work with a web browser on the Pandora. If so, I could use the Pandora as a phone for sending calls and checking voicemail. Google's service is free for US & Canada unlike Skype so it might be a cheaper alternative as well. I searched around but I didn't see anything covering this specific issue. I'm sorry if it's already been posted. Thoughts?
I believe you need a binary from google for this to work.

This means they will have to compile this to work on ARM.

[Edit: they have some binaries for phones. No idea if this could be hacked for Angstrom: ]
It'd be great if someone could play around with this and post their results. I'm currently saving up to buy from the second batch. I'll be in love if this works. a Pandora nd VM's mifi solution will make this a brilliant phone.
I also would love someone to try this. I wouldn't care if you don't have a 3g modem, and you have to use broadband over wifi: the pandora could absolutely replace my phone.

I think that the gmail chat client is in javascript, which is never "compiled." So unless it depends on browser features that chromium doesn't have, it should work! :D

vvvvvvvv Except when it doesn't. :(
Speaking from experience, I had to install a .deb file for the voice/video component of Gmail chat.
The downloads were for 32 or 64 bit .deb files and .rpm files. Maybe eventually a solution will arise for arm systems, or at least OMAPs....
This would be a pretty epic solution for the "Pandora Phone" for those of us in the United States and Canada. I have a local phone number through this service and it didn't cost me a dime.
Definitely would be neat, anyone try texting via Yahoo yet? Unlike Google talk (which even on Win7 requires an installation) Yahoo doesn't require anything beyond a supported browser.
umm, I beg to differ, Korlithiel... I text with Google Voice via Opera, Kazehakase, Cream-Browser and Firefox all the time on my various Linux devices... so I can't agree with you in the concept that google's text feature requires Win7, or that it can't be done with as little as a "supported browser"...
You misunderstand his English. He means the Google Talk always requires an installation EVEN if you're using Windows 7, an application has to be installed.
Yahoo, on the other hand, is entirely browser-based and does not require a plugin.

(And, by the way, the application of which he speaks is for Gmail Chat's audio and video chatting. Google voice doesn't require an app, but in order to utilize Google's free calling you have to install something. Texting, on the other hand, I do with Google Voice on many computers.)