Release [GP2X] Griel's Quest for the Sangraal


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Nov 30, 2007
"Griel's Quest for the Sangraal" is a puzzle game released for MSX2 systems in the year 1990 (only in Japan). In 2005 it was ported to MSX1 systems by Karoshi Corp.

This version is a port of MSX1 version of the game to the GNU/Linux systems. Featuring all the levels, objects and enemies. The program is written in C language with the help of SDL 1.2 libraries.

You can download the GP2X version here.

Use stick to move Griel.
Select exits the program.
Start/X will select menus and forfeit a life in game.

The source code is inside the zip and on GitHub.
Always nice to see continued support for the GP2X, although I'm surprised it wasn't something a little more epic/intense coming from you... I was so enthralled with your xcom release years back, couldn't believe the technowizardry you pulled off for xcom, albion and the others...
Sorry to fall short of your expectations :). If it makes you feel better I'm planning more releases for GP2X - some ports I did for Pandora.
No, no... not falling short of my expectations, just so used to you blowing my mind with the epic awesome...
Thanks for this.
Imho the gp2x is still the better device than caanoo and wiz. :) Thinking about taking it with me again daily... The gaming experience is just better than with the pandora.