Gp32linux And Opie :) [pda]


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Mar 4, 2004


maybe you will have something like this on gP32
some day

according to
we have enought memory
for small applications

i have succeded in cross compiling
the samples of qt embedded
so if you know the qt lib , you can make some nice apps
have a look at ;)

i dont have the time to work on this [ exams , wish me luck] right now
but i have posted 2 small video captures [ sorry for the quality]
Well done ingeras, thanks for you work, only good things can happen now!

Good luck for your exams
This would enable the viewing of pdfs! Cool! :) Search for opie-qpdf.

...and I still hope that there will be a way of using Flash. :/
as you can see on the video, gp32linux isn't particularly fast... but we may be able to use some applications at a acceptable speed...
if you want to test
on your gp32

compressed using

i will be away/busy
for 3 weeks
so , next release in 3 weeks
+ explanations and tutorial

for the speed :
well i think once it s started it s ok
and the time to start is not longer than for a desktop linux distribution
[ or other OS]
i will try opie pdf viewer sometime
but i think may be an optimized version will be better
[ modified opie pdf viewer, we have the source code]

for memory
Qt/Embedded (3800KB): [ what i compiled and you see on the pics ]
used by qtopia

Qtopia 1.5 library 900KB
Qtopia launcher 300KB
but maybe we can work without qtopia

Opera (2600KB) [ browser]
textedit 30KB
snake 35KB
It works! Looking nice. Not actually doing anything ofcourse, but hell...
My terminal returns the following though when I send anything to the serial port:


It does this for four times, then it stops, any ideas?
really cool to see a linux gui on the gp32 :)
hope we have mouse support in the next version.. or did i do something wrong..
anyway THANKS
Some instructions to build qte for arm devices
you can aslo build qte for x86 and try your apllications on your desktop
before compiling for arm

after compiling look in
and tutorials

sample code from trolltech
int main( int argc, char ** argv )
QApplication::setColorSpec( QApplication::ManyColor );
QApplication a(argc, argv);

QString home;
if (argc > 1)
home = argv[1];
home = QString(getenv("QTDIR")) + "/doc/html/index.html";

HelpWindow *help = new HelpWindow(home, ".%
HelpWindow *help = new HelpWindow(home, ".", 0, "help viewer");
help->setCaption("Qt Example - Helpviewer");
if ( QApplication::desktop()->width() > 400
&& QApplication::desktop()->height() > 500 )

QObject::connect( &a, SIGNAL(lastWindowClosed()),
&a, SLOT(quit()) );
so the good news are that
we have already a simple html page displaying program
included in the tutorials of qt
and cool feature is png display

and once the app is loaded , the speed is very good :)
that s a gp32linux gui for gp32
it s a small html viewer sample
waiting for chatboard and mouse driver to control it ... :D

well for the rotate i dont know if i can do it
i think it s at the kernel or frame buffer level ....