Gpamp Rocks (ogg Player From Gbax Contest)


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Sep 29, 2003
This player is great, plays nice small Ogg vorbis files, and has the coolest skin interface ever!!!
(It uses winamp skins, so there are like 10 interfaces it comes with, with a million more available!)

Thanks to Yoyo for allowing him to use the source code.

If anyone wants to use this, and doesn't know Ogg vorbis, its a small audio file like MP3. (free converter for CDs to Ogg vorbis, or MP3 to vorbis...)
You can use DBPoweramp to convert anything to ogg vorbis (make sure you download the ogg codec from the dbpoweramp website also,,, under codec link at top of homepage)

I always use 0.3 quality or less (around 80kbps) for 1.5MB files on average.
That means almost 100 songs on a 128MB card, WOW! That almost 5 hours of music.

Always use audio normalize if available, and leave it in stereo as mono doesn't save enough space. Also, make sure when converting mp3 to ogg, for frequency choose "same as source".

Have fun with this, I love ogg vorbis, and hope the author of this tool keeps on rocking!
Also, YOYO, if you ever optomise yogg to be <133Mhz, we would love you forever! My poor batteries.

Sorry to rave, but it is good.
one problem: the player is a litle bit to slow! It's like the unfixed yogg -player.
the player plays the songs 1-3% slower than the original....

Agreed. If the clock speed could be tweaked like Yogg, it'd be nigh-on perfect. As it is, it's fun to play with for the skins and all, but in the long run I imagine I'd just end up listening to everything through Yogg like I usually do.
Are there any kind souls out there who will over clockthis so that it runs at the correct speed? Yogg needed to be overclocked to 136, so it is probably the same for this.
This programm is killer! I wanted to go to bed 90 minutes ago but got stuck on looking for skins/ converting mp3 to ogg and that stuff. I mean it is really great. I haven't heard that slowmotion thing yet but i hope someone can programm it to 136Mhz
i think this player could become a real threat to the wma/mp3 players as the best music player for the gp32. I know that omega's player doesn't play ogg but it is still my favourite.

However if gpmad add's more features, mp3 playback, random button etc then we could have a new champion.
Splinter posted on May 3 2004 at 12:58 PM said:
When i open Gp amp there are no files in the playlist. I put my ogg files into the foler gp:\gpmm\ogg but it cant find them. Is there something wrong or im i jus being and idiot and have missed somehting?
you have to put them in gp:\ogg . ;)
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But my files are .mp3 and I want to play them as they are. No doubt .ogg is better, but .mp3 is more common.

And I have got a question about the clockspeed. Wasn't the original mp3-player running at like 66MhZ? Or did I mix something up? I don't want to waste my batteries for a 134MhZ-Player that eats up batteries as breakfast but looks cool while doing so.

My proposal: Join GPamp with madmp3. Everyone would profit from this.
I haven't heard that slowmotion thing yet

i havent noticed the slowdown "bug"

To clarify, we're not talking about Six Million Dollar man-slow here (now there's a dated reference). It's a difference of maybe 1-3% speed, and it's not something that comes and goes, it's playing that much slower all the time. The untrained ear might not notice it, but if you do it becomes disconcerting.

And I have got a question about the clockspeed. Wasn't the original mp3-player running at like 66MhZ? Or did I mix something up? I don't want to waste my batteries for a 134MhZ-Player that eats up batteries as breakfast but looks cool while doing so.

Consider it a trade-off between battery life and SMC space. I can fit 30 OGGs into the space of 15 MP3s, with little or no audible loss of quality. I'd rather carry around a second set of rechargable AAs and have several hours of music to listen to, than have plenty of juice left and be forced to listen to the same tracks over and over again (or plenty of tracks compressed down so that the sound is terrible). Of course an OGG player that ran at 66Mhz would be the best of both worlds, but what can ya do? ;)
is there any difference with the version posted here a week or so ago?
can you save playlists? make playlists? is there a shuffle function?
hmm, didn't know about the 1-3% slowdown thing. I just used yogg for the ogg playback. But I guess I can make it run at 136 mhz in the next version. There's still some bugs here and there, and the playlist editor still isn't implemented.

DJWillis just offered me a simple libmad port over irc, so when I get around to it (could be a while) I'll implement MP3 support \o/.

I also noticed a bug with HOLD, I need to make the menu's nicer, there's still a shitload to do. But I'm a student so I don't have a lot of time. Please bear with me.

When I was fiddling with the clock speed of yogg to make the 136mhz fixed version, I tried it at lower speeds, like around 66mhz. At that speed the OGG decoding seems to be still working fine, its the old GP32 sound crackling bug that stops it being usable at that speed as far as i can tell.
Probably with a little tweaking, and moving away from the official sdk, it could be usable at 66mhz.