GPD Win crashes


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Jan 12, 2011
Strasbourg, France

I have recently bought a GPD Win (Z8750) from ED, and it is very unstable . Surprisingly games run perfectly well for me, I can play Fallout 3 and Torchlight for hours, but 2D GUI crashes regularly. Two ways to reproduce the crash are:

- open a long webpage in Firefox and keep scrolling up and down
- open the device manager and expand/collapse device list a few times

Things I have tried:

- installing different Intel drivers:,
- resetting BIOS settings to defaults
- disabling thermal throttling (DPTF) in BIOS (this does help with CPU stuck at 30% load after a wakeup)
- disabling the Kionix accelerometer in device manager (I've seen advice that I should disable both devices, but I only see one, under sensors)

The crash also happens in Linux (Debian Jessie with 4.9 kernel from backports). Scrolling in Firefox eventually results in a reboot there as well.

Is there anything I should try to diagnose this? Given that the issue affects both Windows and Linux, is it possible that it's hardware-related? Are there any tests I could run to confirm this?

I've found a stability fix for Z8700,, does anyone know if this might help with Z8750 as well?
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That sounds a lot like what I had with my Sandy Bridge desktop. GPU power gating caused random reboots, especially with Firefox. Can you try adding i915.enable_rc6=0 to the kernel boot parameters? Or look for an RC6 option in the BIOS?
@pocak Thanks for the hint. So far, I've discovered that disabling DPTF is causing crashes in my case. Unfortunately, enabling it means I'll have to live without hibernation for now.
Edit: I spoke too soon, the crashes are still there no matter what I do. Sometimes the unit boots in a stable state and is usable for several days, but in other cases it can crash within minutes after a reboot. Quite annoying.
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