Gpx2 Korean Q&a

Sonic-NKT posted on Jul 31 2005 at 09:53 PM said:
hi.. perhaps its too early to ask this cause no one really knows everything about this handheld yet.
Anyway... 2 Questions.
1. in one post i think i read about that GPH said that the gpx2 will support SDIO cards... so it could be possible to use a wifi SDIO card if there is a linux driver for it available?
2. GPH said the usb port wont be Host mode, i can understand that because its still running of 2 AA batteries, but on the gp32 you could set the usb port to Host mode (still no voltage but it worked). will something like that be possible too?

just found that:
so for the zaurus there is a driver.. since it also uses an arm cpu it should be possible to use this..

1. Yery likely
2. Maybe
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