I Can't Access To Nand? It's Bricked?


Still Fresh
Nov 9, 2009
Hi all,
after few months I used my WIZ again. I tried to connect to my PC via USB but it didn't appear as NAND...
I try to reinstall the firmware (1.2.6): it appears an image (Firmware), but then it shows a black screen and nothing more.
I can access to the main WIZ interface, but can't access to data in NAND. Also, the date shows we're are in 1970!
I saw there's a unbrick tutorial, but it's for 1.1.0 firmware version. Does anyone know any retailer/distributor where I can send the bricked WIZ?
It's not bricked if you can access the menu. Maybe try flashing an earlier firmware and see if that helps.
Why are you trying to access the NAND if I may ask? The NAND can be unstable at times so it's best to keep all your files on the SD card and just avoid using the NAND.
I solved the problem buying a new SD card. Thanks :lol: