Interesting Discovery


Still Fresh
Sep 13, 2010
I apologize if this has already been talked about (although I haven't seen it in the boards anywhere) but with the release of the PCSX emulator for the wiz I have been playing with a lot of different features and possibilities.

One thing I was curious about was memory card files. I found out that you can use a PC emulator (ePSXe for example is the one I use) and save things to memory card files, then rename them to the PCSX memory card file and they will work on the WIZ. I wondered further if you could take .GME files from Interact's old dexplorer unit and use them somehow on the PCSX. (For those that don't know, the dexplorer is an old unit that plugs into your PC that allows you to plug in your PSX memory cards and back them up to your computer as .GME files.)

I found out it does indeed work. All you have to do is rename them from .GME to the .mcr extension and no other special modification is needed (except the name change for the PCSX not the ePSXe). I'm glad I found this out because now I can get all my old save files from all my old games and port them back and forth. I am using RPG maker right now with some RPGs me and my friends made, and it works pretty good on the PCSX.