JXD Singularity 192 new console Android

Their build of PCSX seems to crash rather more that our version too.

Also, I'll note that even the PS3 doesn't emulate everything a PS1 can do when running a PS1 game, apparently.
They have test Windows / Linux / Android / iOS / PS3 compared PSX emulation.
There are many surprises there and there to solve.
I imagine that the notaz or other user over time will fix and improve however one the best emulator psx for arm.
 Epsxe until nothing was inaccurate was on the latest versions that have been launched in improve solving it both x86/arm architecture.(Android only but same windows version i think but they not update windows version in the public)
Well if you want one of these with a Tegra K1, then you better get it now. The word on the street is that Nvidia are stopping any more supply of the K1 to JXD. Apparently JXD are now having to revise the S192 and will be releasing a S192 K model with a Rockchip RK3288.
Are these still available and how about performance of the K1 compared to the Rockchip? Which is better?