Mac Os 7/8/9 on Open Pandora?


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Mar 25, 2012
Hello all,

i am curious to know if it's possible to install Mac Os 7/8/9 on the OP and if so, how well they run.

I searched the forum but all i could find was info on the Apple II....thanks in advance for your help!


Pandora has an arm architecture, not powerpc or x86.

If this is an april fools trollpost, it is funny ;)

thanks for the reply!

no it's not a's just me being ignorant on the subject ;)

I was asking because i read a review where it said it was possible...but haven't found any other clues anywhere:



" Apple 68k (Mac OS) Yes, you can run the old Mac OS 7 / 8 / 9 on your Pandora. And it actually runs quite well considering. It even plays games!

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That article is a blast from the past.. I've never tried the apple 68K emulator personally.. I'm not sure what it's capable of.. But I doubt it's performance would allow it to play any games at a reasonable speed.
Yes, ok. I could try to build other machine support into qemu. That may enable you to try it, but I don't think macos will work great.
Yes, ok. I could try to build other machine support into qemu. That may enable you to try it, but I don't think macos will work great.

that would be great....thanks for trying!
Problem with Basilisk 2 on Pandora is:

1) Sound doesn't work properly

2) Its not the latest version

3) Touch Screen is out by miles.

4) FPU doesn't work (Snood is Verrrryy slow)

5) It'd be nice if the JIT Compiler worked (Dynarec) *Glares at Ari64*

Thats not all but that'll do for now ;)

If we can get the latest version compiled and working somehow... We might be able to get sheep shaver running and run OS8.6 + PPC games.
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I have the latest Basilisk 2 running on my 1GHZ beautifully and I figured out why it ran like  crap earlier as we weren't patching in the FPU support which really kicks arse. (Yes even Snood works properly now) and we don't even need that dynarec as I had mentioned earlier.. sheeze!

I'll try and release it soon but there's a few loose ends to be tied first.

for some reason the default preference file is set to skip 6 frames a second, without a FPU. I have fixed this now and should automatically compile in.

libstdc++ is not upto date on the Pandora firmware where as in Code::Blocks it is.. So there's question marks there. 

Basilisk 2 is definitely not cross compile friendly and tends to break when trying.

Figure out how to get Basilisk 2 GUI working. Best option for mounting stuff I guess and would mean I can forget about command line tools (was speaking to mcobit about this before but forgot all about the GUI and thats how tired I am).

Some conflicts with Notaz SDL and changing color modes from thousands to 256.

Then there's the touch screen where it works perfectly but seems to be "click and drag" all over the place. Could be the scroll wheel function in preferences or something.

There's probably also the key remapping thing. but i'm sure each game can be remapped as normal like dosbox but a lot of the games are hardcoded. Surely there's a control panel or something there to fix that :)
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