Massive performance regression in firefox


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Jan 8, 2010
Guys has someone noticed this?

I'm not completely sure. But I think it is the upgrade I run a while ago.

Now even scrolling this forum is a pain. I used to watch youtube in fullscreen and now even at 360p is a slideshow.

At lest can someone confirm if it is only me?
No you are not alone the performance is horrid compared to older versions I've played with... sounds like @hns is making good progress on a bit of the OS and Kernel level fixes, so there likely may be a performance boost by fixing some of the issues in a future OS release.
Reminds me that i have to install Vivaldi as far as i get Time ^^, Next weekend is a Marked where whe sell a bit Honey, and the Retro Convention in a Town, not far from my Place, (and i have to play around whit my new Ipad ^^)
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I installed Vivaldi, and it performs MUCH better on my Pyra than Firefox-ESR did. I love Firefox, so I kind of hate to admit it...