My Gp2x F200 Stopped Reading Sd Cards...


Apr 24, 2007
My friend's GP2x (F200) stopped reading SD cards, is it possible to fix it somehow? I tried multiple SD cards, and the GP2x doesn't recognize them.

He was using a 2gb Imation card before it stopped reading SD cards. Then he tried a 4GB Sandisk card, and it still doesn't work. Both SD cards are recognized by Windows. Just not GP2x.

Is there a way to flash the firmware through the on-board memory? Or any other suggestions?

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I had this exact problem last weekend. The GP2X wouldn't read cards, but when they were plugged into it I could access them via the PC. I was actually able to flash the firmware from SD card though, and that fixed it. Give it a go.

[edit] Just in case you need it, here's the step-by-step on flashing the firmware.

- Format a card (FAT32) using a card reader, not while it's plugged into the GP2X.
- Download the official firmware 4 from the file archive and extract onto card.,0,0,0,42,2423
- Connect power adaptor to GP2X, do not use batteries.
- Insert card into GP2X, hold Start & Select, and turn on.
- When the "updating" picture appears, release the buttons and let it update. Give it a few minutes. If all goes well, everything will be back to normal.
So my friend tries that program, gets the firmware on it, and does the process... Turned it on, nothing happened for a while, then screen turned black.

Now the gp2x doesn't turn on at all.

Gruso said:
You followed every step exactly?

You used a power adaptor?

Well, except for one minor detail, he didn't use a USB card reader. Instead he plugged it right into the PC, formatted it using the Panasonic Formatter, put the 4.0 on it and did it. He also used a power adapter
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So the PC has a built in card reader? Should be no different, but I'm not sure what that Panasonic software is all about.

Some more expert advice than mine is required I think! Worst case, you'll still be under warranty, yeah?