Sd Cards For Gp2x


Still Fresh
Nov 11, 2005
What I would like to know is there a size limit to the card which the GP2X can use.

I have bought a 150x High Speed 2GB SD Card.

When I bought my card I did see that there was also 4GB SD cards available.

Will The GP2X be able to use them..?

I Bought mine from a seller on EBAY from Singapore.

2GB SD Card Link

4GB SD Card Link

Great news :)

Thought I would ask because I have seen some mobile items in the past which have stated that they will not work with media over a certain size, items like digital cameras and some MP3 players.

I have seen one article on the web which said they have made a 32GB SD card, but I think it will be a while before the price is right.

32GB SD Card Story

The hardware supports the full sd speed, howver the current driver is only utilizing 1bit transfers instand of 4, but gph sayd that will change.