New Additions To The Prboom Wad Collection


Dec 15, 2009
Hello, I've spent most of the night going through various Doom 2 WADs. So far I've only come across a few that work. I thought I'd post those for people to download in case they want some new Doom levels to play. I didn't create these WADs, so I included the original TXT file with both of them which gives credit to the WAD creator. I created a gpe file for each WAD. So everything is ready to go. Just put the files in the proper folders. One other thing you'll need is doom2.wad. At the bottom I included a link to NewsWeez. There you can download prboom with WADs for Doom 1, Doom 2, Plutonia, TNT, and Twilight.

Alien Vendetta is the first WAD I found that works with prboom. It includes 32 new levels of Doom 2 action. This is one of the best megawads released to date.

Download Alien Vendetta

Place the av.gpe in the prboom directory. Place the av.wad file in the wad folder. Run Alien Vendetta by choosing av.gpe.

Scythe is the other WAD I found that works with prboom. It also includes 32 new levels for Doom 2. This is also a very nice megawad. Maybe not quite as good as Alien Vendetta, but it's still pretty good.

Download Scythe

Place the scythe.gpe in the prboom directory. Place the scythe.wad file in the wad folder. Run Scythe by choosing scythe.gpe.


Doom 64! This doom total conversion attempt to recreate Doom 64 from the Nintendo 64. It works with Doom 2 just like the others. The textures aren't up to par with Doom 64, but it is still an awesome conversaion.

Download Doom 64

Place the doom64.gpe in the prboom directory. Place the doom64.wad file in the wad folder. Run Doom 64 by choosing doom64.gpe.

As stated above, the doom2.wad is needed for all of these files to work with prboom. You can find it included in Doom Pack 1 on this site:

NewsWeez - Downloads Section


Star Trek Doom, totally convert Doom into a Star Trek adventure. Doom2.wad is required to play it.

Download Star Trek Doom

Place the startrek2.gpe in the prboom directory. Place the startrek2.wad file in the wad folder. Run Star Trek by choosing startrek2.gpe.

Star Wars Doom, take on the Empire in this total conversion! Unlike the other Doom wads above, this one requires doom1.wad. Doom2.wad will not work.

Download Star Wars Doom

Place the starwars.gpe in the prboom directory. Place the starwars.wad file in the wad folder. Run Star Wars by choosing starwars.gpe.

007 Goldeneye is a remake of the Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye. It does a pretty good job remaking Goldeneye using Doom 2 as a basis.

Download 007 Goldeneye

Place the 007goldeneye.gpe in the prboom directory. Place the 007goldeneye.wad file in the wad folder. Run 007 Goldeneye by choosing 007goldeneye.gpe.

Simpsons Doom is not a total conversion. It uses the Doom levels but changes the monsters into Simpsons characters and adds Simpsons sounds. Some of the textures have been modified as well. There are two versions included, one for Doom and another for Doom 2.

Download Simpsons Doom

I have included Simpsons Doom for Doom 1 and Doom 2. Run simpsons.gpe to play the game with Doom 1 levels, and run simpsons2.gpe to play the game with Doom 2 levels. Two wads are included in this download, one for each version. You will need doom1.wad for Simpsons Doom 1 and doom2.wad for Simpsons Doom 2.

Lego Doom is another one that isn't a total conversion. Doom monsters have been replaced with lego characters and weapons have been replaced to look like lego weapons. Some textures in the game have been changed to look like stuff from legos. This will work with either Doom 1 or Doom 2.

Download Lego Doom

Lego Doom will work with Doom 1 and Doom 2. Run legodoom.gpe to play using Doom 1 levels, and run legodoom2.gpe to play using Doom 2 levels. Only one wad is included with this download since it is all you need besides doom1.wad and doom2.wad.

Blood is a total conversion for Doom. I never heard of the game Blood, but this is a really nice Doom conversion, although it is pretty hard. You start out with a pitchfork rather than a gun.

Download Blood

Place the blood.gpe in the prboom directory. Place the blood.wad file in the wad folder. Run Blood by choosing blood.gpe.

The Darkening is a total conversion of Doom 2. I only played the first level so far, but it is set up really nice. This is worth a try for Doom 2 fans.

Download The Darkening

Place the darken.gpe in the prboom directory. Place the darken.wad file in the wad folder. Run The Darkening by choosing darken.gpe.

Earth is different from other Doom 2 conversions I've tried. You start out overlooking the ocean washing in and out from the shore. You soon come up some ruins and then a cave in the wall with monsters. It's a pretty cool conversion in my opinion.

Download Earth

Place the earth.gpe in the prboom directory. Place the earth.wad file in the wad folder. Run Earth by choosing earth.gpe.

Newest Conversions:

A Fistful of Doom is a western remake of Doom similar to the movie A Fistful of Dollars. This is the first "experimental" WAD I've worked on for prboom on the Wiz. I took the original doom2.wad and installed the wads for A Fistful of Doom into the original doom2.wad. So this wad doesn't require you to use the original doom2.wad. This process isn't working with everything, but I got this one to work.

Download A Fistful of Doom

Place fistful.gpe in the prboom directory. Place the fistful.wad file in the wad folder. Run A Fistful of Doom by choosing fistful.gpe.

Batman Doom for Doom 2 is probably my favorite conversion out of the ones I posted here. I have been trying for a while now to get this one working on the Wiz. Finally today I got it running properly. That is, finally the blue key drops from the masked guy on the subway train AND the graphics aren't all messed up. I got this working properly one other time as far as graphics go, but could never get the blue key in the subway. Most of it was just luck though, I finally found a file set that would work on the Wiz. Anyway, Batman Doom pretty much says it all. You're Batman, you fight criminals, and you're super cool. This file set requires doom2.wad. I'm using version 1.9 of the doom2.wad. If you don't have version 1.9 you can upgrade it with a patch. It may work with older versions, but it is untested.

Download Batman Doom

Place batman.gpe in the prboom directory. Place batman.wad and batman.deh files in the wad folder. Run Batman Doom by choosing batman.gpe.

Half-Life Doom Super Pack is a collection of standalone Doom conversions that recreate Half-Life weapons, monsters, and textures. There are a total of 14 different Half-Life Doom games in the pack. All you need is prboom, doom1.wad and doom2.wad are not needed for these files to work on the Wiz.

Download the Half-Life Doom Super Pack


IWad Patcher

Need a different version of an official Doom or Doom 2 wad? Go here and get the wad patcher: Download IWad Patcher. Remember to backup your original wad file before updating it.
Wow, thank you, this is great, i wish there were more modified mods working for prDoom.

Somebody is working in the port of zDoom? I think this one supports all kind of mods for doom.
Yeah, you'll need doom2.wad to play those. Sorry, I forgot to mention that in the original post.
I added the Doom 64 total conversion to the list of Doom WADs that I got working on the Wiz with prboom.

Also, is there some way to edit the topic's subject line. I'm just asking since "2 new additions" isn't correct anymore. "New Additions to the prboom WAD Collection" would be better.
 Thanks! Nice wads (and link 2 NewsWeez ;) ) Here some my 32x32 png icons for Gmenu2x and Win2X. Right click and save image. Original icons from


Doom Shareware:


And for Doom64 from  Doom64 EX PC Port:

No problem everyone. I'll post more as I find them. I have mainly been trying out the WADs that got higher ratings by people online.

Oh and thank you very much rbm13s for the great icons. Having those will look might nicer than using the generic icon I'm using for all of them right now with Win2X. :D
Thanks for the great icons and wads. :)
I didn't download the doom pack from NewsWeez so my doom1/doom2 etc. wads weren't in a wads folder they were just in the prboom folder with the gpe's, so I had to edit your gpe's to get your mods to run.
Is their any chance you can make a few more icons? (the same as the TNT/PLUTONIA ones) but one with ULTIMATE on, one with DOOM on and one with DOOM II on, to match your other named ones. (They look so nice on my Win2X desktop)
Cheers, Neil

I suppose the only way to get 'Master Levels for Doom II' to work is to make a seperate gpe for each level?
All we need now is for somebody to make a simple frontend to launch the gpe's. ;)
Here + new Plutonia icon with corrected font.


And here is psd sample with layers and pixel font:
If letters stuck together, try Adjust characters tracking in photoshop's characters menu. Later I'll do more icons to other games and post them on Stay tuned  :)

Neil L said:
All we need now is for somebody to make a simple frontend to launch the gpe's.   ;)

Maybe somebody will take capex sources. It would be great.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english  :(
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I added Star Wars and Star Trek conversions to the list of downloadable Doom wads.
You're welcome. I hope you enjoy them.

I added 3 more Doom mods. 007 Goldeneye, Simpsons Doom 1 and 2, and Lego Doom 1 and 2.
Have you seen this site?

I just downloaded the Duke 3D total conversion and it worked great. I'm trying Blood and Quake2 conversions right now.

EDIT: Blood and Quake2 total conversions did not seem to work :\
Snowblindfrog said:
Have you seen this site?

I just downloaded the Duke 3D total conversion and it worked great. I'm trying Blood and Quake2 conversions right now.

EDIT: Blood and Quake2 total conversions did not seem to work :\

Yep, I've gotten some from there that actually work, but it is hit and miss. I have found that the Doom wads converted to work on the DS have a higher success rate on the Wiz.

Scroll to the bottom of this page:

DS Doom wads

There are links for large wad packs at the bottom of that page. I just tried some out last night, but most have worked well on the Wiz. I think Blood was one that I downloaded. I'll give it a try and see if I can get it working, that is if I do have it.
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I added the Doom conversion called Blood to the bottom of the list.

BTW, there was a version of Blood at the WAD Station website that worked. It didn't require ZDoom. Usually if it says that it requires a certain program like ZDoom it won't work on the Wiz. The Wiz uses the program prboom.