New Emulators For F200


May 12, 2010
Is there a new SNES emulator for the F200 or what are the new emulators for the F200, the sight I use to go to no longer exists making it a lot harder to track down emulators I just bought a F200 an it should be here on Tuesday, can't wait
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The DrPocketSnes at OpenHandhelds is an older version (v6.4.5).

The current GP2X version is at v7.0.0. You can get it at GP2XSpain. (Thanks to Bitrider & HeadOverHeels for the update & port. :D )

It runs a bit faster than before, but introduces a few bugs and glitches like in the transparencies/sprites. Also, some games, that used to play, no longer work.

There was a bug-fix release, but is only available to the Wiz. The current version for the Wiz is at v7.1.0.

If someone can port the update that would be really great! :D

Anyway, as fishybawb linked to, OpenHandhelds is the place to look for the emulators and other GP2X stuff. Enjoy! :)