Wiz/f200 Question(s)


Still Fresh
Sep 9, 2008
I recently cracked the screen on my F200. It still functions, when it's on you can hardly tell when looking at the machine straight on... but still... So rather than spend $200 for a used F200 on eBay, I'm planning on getting a Wiz, and probably a Pandora a couple of production runs down the line assuming the system takes off.

I don't know what goes into recompiling an emulator to work on this new machine. Or if recompiling is even the right word. But I was wondering how long those in the know figured it would take to see versions of Temper, Gngeo, Final Burn and the leading NES, SNES and Genesis running on the Wiz?

Then, about my poor cracked F200, I was wondering what would go into fixing that. Some of you have had this thing open, know all about its parts, are into physically modding your systems. What would go into fixing this thing? Could I just open it up and swap out the glass or plastic that I cracked? Is it a pretty standard piece that's used for multiple portible devices and fairly readily available?
Don't know about the Wiz question, but maybe I can give you some direction on the poor F200.

The screen seems to be proprietary, which means that, given the low sales figures of the F200 (at least, when compared to systems like NDS and PSP) and the low defect rate (the average GP2X user is much more cautious with his/her system than the average NDS/PSP user), it probably isn't available as a spare.

That means that you'd better find a killed F200 to slaughter or sell yours for parts.

If the screen itself is still displaying the full picture, but only under bright light, it might be that your backlight is cracked, which could be slightly easier to replace. Or the display connector could be partially damaged.
Temper won't take long if I get a Wiz (or if I don't after a while, give the source to someone to do). I can't speak for the others but I doubt they'll take long either.
Sorry to hear about the screen, at first I was thinking an F100, and how it had the screen protector quite a ways from the screen... but that's not quite you're problem ;)

I intend to port some of the stuff I work on to wiz/pandora when they arrive in my hands (I'm not good at coding, I'd rather have HW to sit here and play with to see that it's actually working)