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May 20, 2006
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There is a rumor going around that the next Switch model might not be much of an upgrade. It's fine by me, I already have a Switch.

I am kinda puzzled by some of the people who want a non-portable 4K Switch though. If that's the case, why not buy from Sony or Microsoft?

They say they want more ports, but I don't think those would help Switch. There are already three other options for ports. Switch games are what sell Switches.
Yeah, this is "N" after all, so the Pro(or whatever it's gonna be called), was never going to be an amazing upgrade, as it still has to work for the most part with most original games. Will this have "Pro" only type games that only run on the new unit? I'm sure it will, just like the "i" & "N" exclusives of the DSi and the N3DS, as both had games that would only run on the new hardware, but never a huge number as to not piss off the bigger original user base.

Now, this is new territory for "N" and for me to say I know what will happen, I would be lying, as the fact that the NS has sold well enough to even offer something like this still boggles my mind. I agree in the past that their system have been for 1st party titles(and to some degree, still is), and not 3rd party and indies so much, but the NS has changed all that. Most people now buy those types of games on the NS due to having home play, as well as on the go. Most decent games in these categories seem to sell best on the NS as well, even when they perform or look better elsewhere and have a much cheaper cost. With the NS already being well behind current gen systems in regards to horsepower, once the new gen arrives, that gap will be even bigger, and that's what I'm sure this "Pro" will be geared for. Games like Metroid 4 or Bayonetta 3 will probably run fine on the OG, but will have enhanced features for the Pro(better resolution, FPS, etc.), while a small amount of non optimized games, may end up as exclusives, but I'm sure "N" will try and keep that number small. They may also offer some N64 games that may only run on the Pro, as incentive to upgrade, like they did for SNES on the N3DS.

So if you have games where the OG may not handle it well, now there will be an option to offer a beefier option to consumers, at least for those who don't mind the lesser version, for a higher price, which seems to be most, as that's why the NS is selling well currently. So for someone like me who still has yet to buy a Lite(I want one, just in no rush), for sure no reason for me to buy this, but I'm not one of those people who go out to buy the latest system upgrade, cell phone, or car every year. But for those who are in to that type of life style, this will probably be for you, but I would say keep your expectations in check, as this is "N" after all, as their online is still shit and the NS doesn't even have folders, folders people, in 2020, REALLY?. Yeah, that's right, no way to even organize tons of games, so to think anything "pro" is going to shine, I wouldn't hold my breath, but for those who buy anything with a "N" on the box, you already love the "kool-aid", so this should be no different.



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Oct 12, 2010
Mt biggest gripe is not being able to dump my carts to a huge uSD card so I don't have to carry them around. As soon as this thing has flashcarts in league with the old NDS carts, I'm straight in for that very reason. As it is, I'm buying more online but I keep getting boxed games as gifts.


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Sep 15, 2015
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