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May 11, 2010

I'm getting married in a month or so and want to get my 2 groomsman a320's as gifts. My hope was to open their a320's, get them all configured however they need to be and even pre-loaded with all the appropriate roms so that they can just open the box and get right to playing retro games. My goals are to give them the best retro gaming experience possible, specifically retro console emulation, with the least amount of effort for THEM. I'm willing to go through some effort before hand to get everything setup.

My questions:
1) Should I install Dingux? I've read that the emulators run better on Dingux? Does Dingux make the interface more "complicated" ? Is it buggy?

2) Should I install the GUI front end to Dingux (I forget the name) ? Is it buggy? crashy?

3) If I want to install Dingux I need a "miniSD" card. Do I need room on this card to store the games, or just the OS? Can I put games on the internal 4GB of storage and run them using Dingux ? If I only need room for the OS, how much room do I need on the card (ie, what size card should I buy)

3a) ...also, are there different "types" of miniSD card that I need to worry about (like, I dunno, memory speed, or something? should I be looking at specific specs of the miniSD card when I buy it?)

4) Lastly, is the latest Dingux stable enough to really last? Can you reasonable expect that most roms will work "fine", or will they be forced to deal with firmware upgrades, new dingus releases, new emu releases, patches, etc, etc. I want to give them a gift which requires no maintenance. Remember they don't need cutting edge features, just a nice, smooth emulator experience for "most" games.



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Oct 9, 2009
1. Some emulators are running better on Dingux, for example SNES.

2. Yea you should have some GUI... Gmenu2x seems to be the most popular now.

3. You can not access the built-in memory from Dingux (yet at least..)

4. Dingux still has some corruption issues. They are very rare nowadays, but they will need maintenance if they appear.