OneNetbook OneGX

Highest speced one for me please :)

Then do not buy now.
Wait for tiger-lake next year.

This one looks great, but it has no Thunderbird 3.
I hope they will add it to the new model with the better processor.
That alone makes the GPD WIN MAX superior.
For everything else this one looks better.


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Yeah, way too rich for my blood. I mean it's not egregious considering the specs and capability, but considering I hardly even used the dozen or so handhelds I already have, I certainly can't justify dropping a grand on a chonky toy.
Not my cup of tea, but I certainly had a good laugh reading the description of the Amazon article:

IMPORTANT: No matter what happens when this laptop has a software problem,It can be easily resolved by re-install the Windows 10 on it.
Here's the instruction of this simply re-installation:
1, Long press power button for 2-3 seconds to boot your laptop. Press FN+F7 (or "DEL" button) when you see power led on.Then you can enter the BIOS pages.
2, Choose the "UEFI OS (FORESEE 256/512GB SSD)" on the boot Override of page "Save & Exit".
3, Press "A and then Enter" when you log in the WIN PE system and then wait for the automatic reinstallation process,all problem resolved..

These chinese guys have an interesting sense of humour...
Looks like LTE under Ubuntu 20.04 LTS works:

Is that Amazon seller an official distributor? I'm very tempted to finally get a UMPC with built-in LTE. It's not really a thumbable UMPC but I can buy it "soon".

For 'out of the box' compatibility with Linux on a pre-production prototype machine meant to run Windows 10, that is pretty darn good.

@EvilDragon sells other products from this company. I wonder if he is going to be able to sell pre-orders for it.
Still thinking whether I should do that or not. Price is quite high, I might wait for the Tigerlake one.

And I want to test the controller first. The DPad looks pretty unusable sadly.
In my opinion those gamepads will be only an issue, them makes the device larger, and to transport it most people will have to constantly detach/attach them.

Considering how many wireless controllers are around, it will be better for most of the people to just buy a "normal" handheld and then use their preferred wireless controllers.

This seems to me just a way to jump on the switch bandwagon, but the difference is that the switch games were designed specifically for those, so a lot of games have the second player option that's just ok for them, while with PC gaming, the only things you can use them for a second player are old console emulated games, while for the most part you'll have to use them both as a bad PS2/XBOX controller.