Ot: I've Started A Blog ...


Internal Development
Mar 11, 2003
I'm not the sort to follow a lot of peoples blogs or rss feeds, but I do follow a few, mostly friends. But I do consider a lot of you my friends, so I thgoht .. what the heck, I'll fire up a blog and see if anyone checks it out :p

So here goes...


I'll try and amuse or intrigue with geekery, movie commentary and coding aggravation..

Hope you like the appearance so far, and let me know what you think :)

yeah, thats throwing a lot of people for fits... whose to say if they'll have no impact to PDAs, or maybe a huge impact. Should be interesting :)

yep, Rico called it .. I'll have to look in the output html source and see if it says Blosxom, as I don't like when things identify themselves too much (slightly easier for crackers :) -- but yeah, Blosxom is pretty nifty in that it is a short dead simple perl script (1500 lines or somesuch), with almost no requirements. Its design is rather ingenius however imn that hes plopped hooks through-out it, so people can make plugins (also perl scripts).. so in essence, once you get set up, you can just drop a few plugins in the right place, set some config variables and voiula, you're good to go. Blosxom itself is well documented and easy to follow in the script, but the plugins aren't well documented and are a little funky to get going.. but once you get one working, its easy street.

Blosxom is handy in that its simple and works and you jusat hack up your htrml and css and away you go.. however, it has some limits due to simplicity of operation.. ie: If you edit an entry, it'll move to the new entry, since everything is by file time (and not timestamp you put in yourself.) Theres a number of little goofs like that, but for being so simple and light on resources, I figure its a win. (ie: I don't wish to deal with a DB backend or frontend and all that .. its all about minimizing time and support for me :)