Overclocking & Overvolting


Aug 15, 2010
Hello guys, I'm a big fan of notaz PCSX ReArmed Emulator, as it already made me replay two of my beloved classics...

However, there are a few games on my Playlist that are somewhat slow on the Emulator...

To name one, Legend of Dragoon. 40fps average, thats a bit too slow.

The normal 800mhz I reach without overvolting dont cut it... so I was asking, is the danger with overvolting really that serious, what about guarantee, at what stage is it lost?
How does my CPU suffer under the overvolting? Is overvolting and lets say overclocking to 1ghz enough to get things going to a solid 60fps on that title?

Someone can tell me?


Mega GP Mania
May 24, 2008
Increasing to OPP5 should not make your Pandora explode. It will, however, reduce the expected lifetime of the chip to about 1/4, but even that is several years, and really only affects if you're running it 24/7 at OPP5. Bring it back to OPP3 for most of the time and it should be fine. Your battery will drain out reasonably quick, but that should be expected.
Also note that just because some things are stable at 1Ghz doesn't mean everything will be. You could be playing along and suddenly it freezes for seemingly no reason.