P-N-D Installer


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Dec 28, 2006

Ignore the Windows 7 window decorations. The idea of this app is simple. The idea is that it would be installed on the NAND and associated with PND files. This would have two benefits. The first being that any time you clicked on a link in firefox, you'd be presented with this window as opposed to firefoxes built in 'virtually-impossible-to-navigate-on-the-pandora's-screen' download screen.

Secondly it would mean if new users had downloaded PNDs and were trying to run the PND from a file browser, they would see this screen.

Once the user selects the card they want to install to, the two checkboxes determine which directory the file is saved to. With none checked, the 'install' button is disabled. with both checked, the PND is put in 'apps'. The other possibilities should be fairly self explanatory!
Yea I thought so :)

Anybody up for implementing it??
As anew user can I add... It's a great idea!

I think there would be plenty of room to to add to the options of where it goes.

That's covered with the two checkboxes.

Show on desktop puts the PND in desktop
Show in menu puts the PND in menu

if both are ticked, the PND goes to apps

I need to get to know PNDs a bit better, so I'll do it. It gives me a chance to get Lazarus dirty - though the resulting executable will likely be quite large as Lazarus only does static linking at present.