Pandora mentioned in Making Games Magazine


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Sep 21, 2009
Just got the new issue of the Making Games magazine. Lots of stuff about the recent big kickstarter projects and on a side-note, the pandora was mentioned (article is about Ouya).

have attached a picture of the side-note :)

@mods: if you think it's not appropriate to post the picture, feel free to delete it.

heck I can´t read that, does it say good?

It seems to be like a timeline thing stating some history/background of "open" handhelds.
oops, sorry, it just says about the pandora (loosely translated)

"this is a linux handheld, having a touchscreen, two analogue joysticks, and lots of interfaces, but it's pricey at about 450€. pandora is completely open and more a little inux computer than a gaming device".
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I suppose that's fair (if brief) ...
I feel like the "it's more of a computer" comment I see thrown around is fairly inaccurate though. I mean it IS a computer, but go look in the repo its like 90% games, not computer applications.
Its things like real IDEs and USB host that make it a computer (rather than an appliance)
Nice, I suppose the short description is fair too.

thanks for the translation get back on paper wars pleeeease? ;)