Pandora Plays wonderfull many Flashgames


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Jan 18, 2010
Hi i did not saw that anyone confirmed that Flashgames a good work with the Pandora.

I tried it and here are the Results:

~80% of Flash Games work nicely but 3D and some others are too powerfull for our Pandora.

Easily open the SWF File with Firefox and i played the MMORPG Canaan on Pandora.

Canaan work slow,but work fine on the Rebirth Pandora with 900MHZ,on the 1GHZ work it Fine.

Here 2 Games that i tested.

(Finaly my Videograbber seem to work better)

Crystal Story

Now is Firefox a Gaming Platform on Pandora too and there are

Millions of Flash Games Waiting for your Tests :D

Thx for Firefox18 on Pandora ^_^
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I did on another thread,
I hurt my back awhile ago and had to stay in bed for a couple of days so I played lots of flash games with Firefox 17
Sugar sugar, crush the castle , toss the turtle. And yes a lot of games work great!
ok tested on my laptop, the game is running a bit slow, maybe 70% speed on the pandora firefox 17 900 mhz
Hey thanks for that post / hint Ingo !

thats something I have not tried yet ...


wondering what kind of games are available on the net for free...

Im going to look into this =D

thx again !
Yeah i find that cool too,i loaded a Package with 3700 free Flash Games,now i must try try try.

The Best Working Games can i Post when you want anytime in Future ^_^

I readed i am not the first who tried this but it was a so wonderfull Result that i must Present this in a new Thread here ;)

My TV Out Cable is now broken,i think i have no Luck with recording Videos.

First i had the loud Peep Sound in Backround,

Then work my other (Second Hand buyed)Videorecording Tool not,

Then solved the Problem with the Beep and had Audiosync Problems,

Then sticked of the PC Internal Front Micro Adapter from Mainboard and Peep Sound and Syncro is finaly solved and

now deliver my TV-Out Cable only a Black-White Signal(its a Contact Problem,seem one internal Cable is broken)

I have not much Luck,i wanted to Record many Videos for ED and ever when i one Problem solve,is there another new Problem.

Feel like the Pandora Project Virus have gotten me :p
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So to get more speed for Flash games are there some tricks?

Here are to ways I can think of:

1: Cutting down FireFox

I want to make FireFox to use as less RAM as possible.

Can we moodify Firefox in a way to consime less RAM if we want to play a Flashgame?

2: Using Midori?

Is Midori powerfull enough to play Flashgames as well?

Midori is much lighter than firefox.

So is this possible?
Well, there is also the build-in SWF player that comes with the OS (Multimedia -> Swfdec Flash Player), but it doesn't seem to work right. I only tried Bubble Spinner 2, it shows the first image but does not play the SWF for some reason.

Anyway, instead of stripping a browser to make it as light as possible it might be more reasonable to get Swfdec (or any other Flash-Player) working. (You can't get lighter than that!)
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So is there a way to get a proper flash player working?

If someone does it of course but is it easy enough that someone will do it?

I'm looking for a way that's easily done as I want someone to do it ;) .

Midori seems to have some problem with flash.

I copied the plugin from Fire Fox into the midori plugin folder.

Could watch one video then it's all black.

Flashgame had an infinite loading screen.
So is there a way to get a proper flash player working?

If someone does it of course but is it easy enough that someone will do it?

I'm looking for a way that's easily done as I want someone to do it ;) .
well theres a lot done with apkenv so that someone could pick up apkenv sources and the android flashplayer apk and marry them. frash on the iphone does things very similar and proves it working. if i get some more time i to try it on my own if there are no volunteers ;-)
That's it.

For days I've tried to remember what I wanted to ask in the apkenv thread.

Thanks for being my external brain.
I have Flashplayer 11.1 native on Pandora. I don't remember where I got it but it's just, and runs Flash stuff in my browser.