Pandora Rebirth Competition Rules


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Mar 4, 2003
The Pandora Rebirth Competition - Deadline: End of March 31st (UTC)

The prizes of the competition are the following:

1st prize:

One of the fully working Pandora PCBs from the German prototype production run in a special edition case!

You can either choose a golden or pearl white case (I will post pictures soon), signed by EvilDragon.

Both cases only exist one time worldwide!

Additionally, you'll get a fully licensed copy of GLBasic including a GLBasic Sketchbook (thanks to the author for this prize) as well.

And you can choose between a Hardigg Storm Case iM 2050 (trimmed to store a Pandora, extra battery, and earbuds), an UnderWater Kinetics Retro-Lunch Box 309 Dry Box.or a handmade neoprene Pandora softcase (hand sewn with 16oz upholstery thread).. Thanks to for these prizes!

2nd prize:

A fully working Pandora straight from the German production starting in February, signed by EvilDragon.

Additionally, you'll get a fully licensed copy of GLBasic (thanks to the author for this prize) as well the choice between the two remaining prizes from

3rd prize:

A classic 1st Edition Pandora (PCB from Texas).

Additionally, you'll get a fully licensed copy of GLBasic (thanks to the author for this prize) as well as a the last remaining prize from

4th and 5th prize:

A 32GB SDHC card, tested to work with the Pandora as well as a GLBasic Sketchbook.

6th and 7th prize:

A 16 GB SDHC card from Samsung, tested to work with the Pandora as well as a GLBasic Sketchbook

The rules:

If you don't follow the rules, your entry might be disqualified - so be sure to read these carefully.

  1. The program you submit can be virtually anything: A game, an application, a tool, an alternative OS, an OS extend, etc.
  2. The entry can be a port of an existing program or a completely new development.
  3. The entry HAS to work on the Pandora - or has to be at least be tightly bound to the Pandora (like a tool that helps you to manage your SD Cards on your PC, etc.) It does not have to be in PND format, but it should run and start on the Pandora (with the exception of above mentioned tools).
  4. The Pandora version of the entry must NOT be released to the public before the competition is over. You can release as many versions for other platforms as you like. It is also okay if there's an early Pandora version predating January 9th - but no further public releases should happen if you plan on entering.
  5. The entry can of course be released to selected betatesters.
  6. The entry CAN be an engine or port for an existing commercial game (similar to ScummVM or the VVVVVV-port). Be sure you own all the needed licenses though!
  7. You are welcome to post pictures and videos or share your project ideas with the community (and get suggestions and/or help from them). The judgement will be done by the community, so this is a good way to find out what they'd love to get :)
  8. One person can submit an unlimited number of entries - however, each entrant can only win one prize.
  9. Team projects are possible, but the prize can only be won by one person in the team. I will throw in small prizes for the rest of the team (up to 5 members) though, like T-Shirts, signed cases, etc.
  10. You MUST have the full rights and licenses to use and release all graphics, sounds, music, code and or anything else you supply with your entry. No copyrighted material (unless you license it from the copyright holder - proof needed) is allowed.
  11. No illegal content or pornography is allowed.
  12. Voting will happen through polls on the official Pandora Boards (
  13. We will release a splashscreen and small banners which needs to be included somewhere in your entry. You are NOT forced to show a splashscreen on startup for a few seconds. As long as a banner and or the splashscreen is included ANYWHERE in the program (credits screen, main menu, somewhere in the levels, etc.), it's fine.

You are free to share this competition on any websites, forums, IRC, social media, etc. you like.

To get help with coding, cross-compiling or setting up a dev environment, you can ask for help at the Development Section on the boards or by visiting #openpandora on Freenode.
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@ED :

Have you had any thoughts on the rules for voting?

It would be a good idea to clarify things like :

Who will be allowed to vote?

When will voting be allowed?

Whether people will be allowed to change their vote

If the votes will be for the winner, top 3, etc.
Indeed, if i create let's say 100 accounts, and vote for myself, can i be disqualified ? :D .
Voting will be pretty straightforward.

Everyone who is registered here has the ability to vote for multiple entries.

The entry with the most votes wins.

If some entries have mostly a tie, there will be another vote just for these two.

While it will be hidden who votes, I can actually check the votes in the end so if there is one entry with tons of votes from new members (maybe even sharing the same IP range ;) ), then something is fishy and I need to recheck then.

I'm pretty hopeful though that most people here are pretty honest :)
And i swear the 100 pple living in my home (therefore using my IP) are honest too ^^.
You get caught ^^ ?

Btw, i don't like the idea of voting for myself, but i want a 512M soooo badly :/.

Everyone who is registered here has the ability to vote for multiple entries.


I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that. Do you mean that everyone can vote for the winner of their choice from the list of entries (1 person 1 vote)? Or can you vote for multiple entries you consider equally worthy of winning.

Have you decided :

When voting will start / end

Whether people will be allowed to change their vote

Whether the running totals will be viewable

When the winner will be announced

Please don't think I'm trying to be overly picky here, but it seems important to me that these sorts of questions are answered well before voting begins.
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But this is "just" a banner for a signature. How about posting the official™ banners for the participating applications right here?
well you know how most submissions will have a full screen splash screen of the banner? this signature banner wont cut it for that. although, im quite sure there was a full 800x480 of the banner we decided on, and i wouldnt be surprised if the sig banner came from said full screen splash screen

So the ppl who already uploaded their file(s) were a bit too fast ^^.
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Well, there doesn't need to be a full splash screen.

The compo banner just has to be somewhere, could even be in credits or info screen.

I don't like banners that pop up for a few seconds before a game myself ;)
how many votes does Hakmanplayer get?

LOL, is he still around? Not noticed any posts in his rather unique style of late.

@ED : What do you think about letting people vote for their top 3 entries, perhaps giving 5 points to all 1st place votes, 3 points for 2nd place & 1 point for 3rd. The entry with the most points would be the winner. Not sure how much extra complexity this would bring or if it is possible to stop 1st, 2nd & 3rd place votes for the same entry.

My logic for this suggestion is that there appear to be a lot of high quality entries and it might be that lots of people have the same feelings as to what is the 2nd best entry but entirely different feelings as to what the best entry is.
This has always puzzled me in relation to general elections and the like as well, but what if I suffer from 'dissociative identity disorder', having multiple personalities with wildly differing tastes? Maybe each individual personality should be entitled to vote. Fortunately I am not afflicted with such a disorder, so don't feel you have to wrestle with this complex moral dilema just for me - and me (and me too!).