Predictions of emulators.

Yeah... don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

We are all some great people here. You just need to stick around long enough to get to know us, get past those first impressions....

There are a ton of personalities on here that rubbed me the wrong way when I first met them. At the end of the day most of the issues were in my perceptions, and how my buttons got pushed simply by these people being themselves.

I've learned to be more open to other ways of seeing on these forums, and actually think this is a very mature, respectful, and supportive community.

Ok sure, in our familiarity with each other our manner with newcomers has probably degraded somewhat, needs some freshening up.

Mods: With the Pyra just around the corner, guests and newcomers are going to start flooding this place, and yes... a huge amount of them aren't going to do any searches before starting new threads.

These people need to feel welcome here. I suggest the mods have a talk and maybe sticky a thread describing good policy in dealing with newcomers.

Perhaps even get a bunch of polite community members to volunteer to serve as a 'welcoming committee'... you know, no new threads by new members are to be responded to until a mod or welcoming volunteer has.

It always makes me very sad when I see someone new and enthusiastic leave shortly after getting here for no good reason at all.
Better words of wisdom have never been spoken IMHO. I see all of you guys' points but still, maybe we should try not to argue about wether it was only his fault or only ours.

Let's see it the other way : if someone who looks like he's not accustomed to community-driven forums nor some heavily geeky personnalities gets here, then it's proof that word of the Pyra has spread over to less techy guys.

This means that it was bound to happen, and will happen again.

I may just be about one year old on the forum, but ever since I joined, I tried to fit in. That means that as a newbie, I had to get over the scare of dozens of people squabbling over labels and desktop environments for months. :D

And now that I feel concerned about the lives of everyone here, and that I've grown to love and wait for the Pyra as much as you do, I still sometimes think about newcomers.

Yes, we all frown upon double-posting and overly asked questions, but that doesn't mean we can't be compassionate. The forums are pretty active for such a small community, especially about a product which hasn't even been released yet. That sure looks scary. Plus, we do like to say things the accurate way, using technical terms that only us understand... most of the time.

We don't have to change ourselves. We are geeks, we're proud of it, and we're thinking together for a brighter future. All we need to do is remember that we all began somewhere. Let's try not to frighten them away, even if they are not totally respectful to us. Once they'll get the hangs of it, everyone will benefit from it.

We may like to have a super-secret smartphone-computer-console gadget that no one understands besides us, but we'd even more like it to have the success it truly deserves. And that will happen if we do our best to be nice to newbies, so they'll help us spread the word.

If there ever is a welcoming commitee, I'd happily sign in. You can count on me, bros.
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Strigoi was released of his position as a lightning rod, we need to focus our negative anxious energy somewhere.
Would the following additions be more appropriate next time?

There are several threads discussing exactly this topic. Some with very recent activity. Just browse around the latest threads. This is not meant to be rude, but considered good etiquette on this board.
@thewitcherman3 you pose interesting questions, there is a lot of exciting emulators that will definitely be on Pyra, a lot of which will not be able to played in the same way anywhere else (a combination of the portability and the controls the Pyra offers already puts it into a quite selective group of devices). There is a trend of people saying "Emulator X will never work" and then sure one day that statement is proven to be wrong! As other people have already said, there are a few other threads about this, definitely check out the other threads. As you are a new user on this forum, it is worth pointing out that you'll want to especially pay attention to anything Exophase says, as he is an experienced emulator author (and I don't mean he ports existing emulators, I mean he writes them from the ground up, with great understand of the system being emulated and the system the emulator runs on). If you run into troubles finding threads, or struggle with the search functionality on the site, let us know, as there will be lots of people more than happy to help you.