Proftpd (Ftp Daemon / Server)


Mar 29, 2006

What Is It ?
Proftpd is an ftpd deamon, it shows files of /mnt/sd as the root directory. It didn't take much work to get this working only a simple compile and a linux machine. There is one small thing you'll need to know
though and that is that you can not change the directory structure or location of this application since the paths are hardcoded. So in short only copy & paste from the zip to /mnt/sd/apps (apps directory)
and not other place

How To use ?
use usbnet or wifi to set up a connection with the caanoo, you should know how to do so before using this application. Afterwards login using root and no password on port 21 and the ip of the caanoo
using filezilla. I only tested with filezilla so i don't know how other ftp clients will behave with this daemon

Only tested the bare minimum and you can adapt the conf file in the etc directory. For more info about this look for more information on the proftpd homepage
you will be logged in by default to the root homefolder CD up a few times to get to / the sd card is mounted in /mnt/sd

Joyrider for a simple compile for the caanoo and initial configuration file.
Original authors of Proftpd all viewable in the included sources and related files.


i messed up the ini file you have to switch the 2 png images around so title end with c1.png and icon is c.png (watch out for case ?) otherwise the images won't show correctly, there also seems to be a symbolic link in the file which probably give you an error while extracting it to the fat formatted sd card, just ignore it since the symbolic link file is not needed. (i tested it and it worked fine without it) (i'll have to repackage it sometime)