Push for A320 organization


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Mar 26, 2007
Chicago, IL - USA
I think we all need to push for organization around the A320. Sure, Gamepark has done okay with the Wiz, but honestly, with the A320 at less than half the price of the Wiz, why should we settle for less?

Based on craigix's review, it seems like the A320 is a very capable system, and is much better priced. All that needs to happen is people NEED to get involved.

Here's one major point - the A320 and the Pandora can probably coexist MUCH better than the Wiz and the Pandora, mainly because the A320 is so cheap.

The main feature the Wiz has over the A320 is a community surrounding it. We just need to get a community around the A320.

A lot can happen if we try!


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Sep 29, 2008
100ft from the sea
The community is one in the same though, as is the market. Hopefully we'll have a dedicated section for the dingoo when gp32x comes back on, which would certainly give it a nice boost in community. I feel ya though; there are dingoo scenes sprouting up in different places on the internets. Right now I have to check at least 3 different forums to get my dingoo fix; not the most pleasant experience. The Dingoo-Scene blog has been doing an outstanding job of keeping on top of things and has quickly become a hub. I'd even go as far as to say it's a pillar supporting the scene. Like I said though, GP32X has been a pretty popular, unifying place in the past and once the wind gets back in it's sails I think we'll be seeing more and more developments from our little corner.