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Mar 16, 2004
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I've recently got a new GP32 that doesn't underclock like my old one. Anyway I can now at last play DOOM, SCUMMVM and Quake without the GP restarting. :)

I have been downloading various Quake mods throughout the day and have come across many dead links and lots of mods that looked amazing but were too big for the GP32 to handle.

Basically, what're the best Quake mods for the GP32?


I have not seen any quake MODS as from what I have read from the readme it is still in the very eary stages and I ahve not played it but doom a nd the mods made work great!!!
Not quite what your after but I play Quake 2 mod in GPDoom

looks good and has most of the tools (guns) etc from Quake

? what is so different / better about Quake 2 Vs Doom 2 ?


Quake runs really great on the GP as far as I'm concerned. I play it a good bit, but I've never tried any mods.

doom was the last of the first person shooters that expected people to use a keyboard to play, when quake came out people started doing mouse look. so i would expect doom to be plenty of fun, but would probobly get my ass kicked w/o a mouse in quake.

what button configs are you guys using?

metroid prime on the the nds is the only console FPS i've been able to get into, using the dpad to move and the touchscreen for look is so prime!
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ive got quake bots working. thats a great laff on DM4 with all the lava :]
which bots, where did you get them?

I thought all the bots needed keyboard commands to get them started.
If you didn't need keyboard commands I'd be really interested in trying that out. Deathmatch is the best part of quake.

The only things I've had running so far were minion, and the Neil Manke's soldier of fortune levels. I'm not sure if there's a way to change the pieces you start with in minion, outside of using keyboard commands.
I've played a bit of "Raptors!" but I'm after something a little better. It's annoying because I found an amazing fantasy mod with a sotry, loads of documentation and stuff. The screenshots were also amazing. But when I went through a portal to play the game the GP32 didn't have enough memory.

I guess I'm after a large mod that the GP32 can handle. :)
Quake rally will play for the first couple of levels (if you can find the right version - I found a few different ones but only one worked) but the later levels get too big for the available memory. Raptors is too slow to be playable, but it's the one I've used most because it's good for testing optimisations. Alien quake is quite a basic mod and is the best I've come across for speed (plays better than standard quake). Only tried the first few levels though so I can't really say if it's worth playing or not. Tried a couple of other mods when I first got mod loading working but they either didn't load or were too slow.
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