Raspberry Pi - 25 Dollar PC on a USB stick

surely sooner, half of the people who bought it just want a cheap mediaplayer/desktop and won't be able to make them work... there'll be plenty on ebay once they start to ship...

Haha. I suspect there will be plenty on ebay anyway; scalpers will take care of that, they always do.

It looks to me like Raspberry Pi decided to rush this out to meet a gimmicky date, resulting in poor planning and co-ordination.

As much as I'd like to curb my rage simply because they're potentially doing good things for I.T./Computer Science education, as one of the bajillion consumer geeks who wanted to pick one of these up for my own educational benefit at launch... I feel a little shit on.
thanks, need something for my tinkering cravings while I wait for the next batch of pi! :lol:
thats me....sadly...

{deleted link, pretty much, i have an order for 6 RPis, two different kind, and theyre all shipping to Australia, while being billed to USA to my address...yeah}

also, for people willing to wait it out in usa at $20 shipping, http://www.newark.co...jsp?sku=83T1943

also, the raspberry pi is trending the most alongside "justin is 17" and "ipad3" also, article number one on BBC is Raspberry Pi, ipad3 is at number 3
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Registered my interest with RS, at £21.60 it would be rude not to. :p

Guess it might be 2 months until I get to see the unit, no worries there. Being a Pandora owner has certainly made me more patient.

I think that the PI will eventually make a superb media player + server / retro gaming / torrenting PC. Just hope that a thriving community of devs / geeks grows around the device.
I've just ordered 1 (soon to be 4, 3 additional ones for friends) at the german farnell.com and I've been told they'd ship in about 7-10 days. But they're at 33,72€ in Germany because of VAT + shipping costs of 7,95€.
Sky News has been running a piece on the launch of it every hour (roughly 20mins to the top of the hour each time).

Their reporter claims it sold out "in the first minute".

Also features several schoolkids in a room with a few of the devices, having allegedly managed to crank out a clone of Pong in just a few hours. Surely a sign the Spectrum era is back, as pioneering coders first tentative steps were always unlicensed arcade clones :D

Atari have yet to comment.
Sigh i missed it, I saw it was up but I couldn't order it because I have a rule about not making purchases at night because I do not always make the best decisions at night.
and my order for 6 RPis from australia have just been cancelled, who'd a thunk it?
^ Well, it is limited to one per address... :p

I'm thinking about maybe ordering mine sooner than planned, and just going the Lego route for casing, incidentally. :p
I've been mulling over case options too. Maybe pick up a broken Atari 2600 for the shell, something like that. Lego is also on the cards!

and my order for 6 RPis from australia have just been cancelled, who'd a thunk it?
Bummer. (I say that with a hint of schadenfreude, because I was green with envy at your pickup). Just queue up behind me, there's a good soldier. :p
i had no intention of picking up six of them, nor did i know id be able to order that many, but during the Server Fallout Of LeapYear 2012, i ended up with 6 of them, and somehow 2 of those were a weird kind of a more expensive "chipset" raspberry pi. so now i only have one proper order for a US distributer at the correct $35 price, sadly, its on backorder
This is what you should be seeing:


And the orange 'Buy' button should work.
strange I just retried and got your page... but when I tired earlier I had the swiss page already oppened... I'm wondering if that's related to your problem...

edit: hum if I switch to swiss page I fall back on the "register your interest page"...
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what I wonder is will I still be able once I create/log on my account or will I be redirected automatically to my national site...