Request For A More Modern MAME, or RAINE Port

I really thought that these donations would light a fire under someone's ass... but I guess the path to completion is a slow an painful one. Though updates would be nice to hear about. :p
Gee, that must have taken a lot of spadework! Well... zodttd is working on a Final Burn Alpha port, and I would be happy to donate a decent sum for that! Any updates zod?
Epicenter said:
I'm sure, Nick. :) Any serious offers? Hell, I'd go up to $1000 (in payments) if someone actually moves forward with the idea.
Dude... how about this. Spend the $1000 on a umpc like the oqo and run mame on that.
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A: Your responding to a post thats over a year old
B: Your responding to a banned member
C: A umpc would run mame better but will not fit in your pocket and does not have proper gaming controls