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Oct 18, 2011
Paris - Frankreich
Paris - Frankreich
Ave retrogaming friends !

The Retro-Gaming Connexion organization is proud to announce that its next RGC convention will take place on November 5th and 6th.
Like hundreds of enthusiasts during the last seven years, participate in one of the greatest retro/alternative-gaming-themed gatherings in France, and enter the Retro-Gaming Connexion Pantheon!


Discover or rediscover great classics which used to be your gaming partners, as well as more recent productions such as Dynamite Dreams on the Sega Dreamcast, or the Atari 2600 port of Halo. A complete range of machines from every era will be available, from the Pong to the PSX, including the SNES, the Neo Geo and plenty of others. But more exotic machines will also be featured, such as the Vectrex, the Gizmondo and a lot more...
As always, our team will welcome you with its permanent enthusiasm and friendliness.

We've relocated to a new arena this year (Meaux, in the Seine-et-Marne) which is easier to find, but also a lot bigger (1,200 m² / approx. 13,000 square feet) to better suit your needs. But our regulars shouldn't worry: "more space" doesn't mean "too many people", as we want to keep the laid-back atmosphere which makes this convention a unforgettable event.

Preview of the festivities:

- Booths: numerous thematic booths where you'll discover rare and exotic consoles, or different ways of playing (e.g. : networked PS1s).

- New games demonstrations: you'll have the opportunity to try out the latest homebrew or semi-pro releases on your favorite machines.

- Contests: join the current-day gladiators and maybe become the retro-gaming champion.

- Quizzes: test your knowledge and compete against the best video game gurus.

- Sales/trading: as always, a large area will be devoted to it.

Fueled by the same dedication that has been defining it for ten years now, the Retro-Gaming Connexion organization will once more be present to fulfill your expectations, and make those two days a moment of sharing and happiness.
We are eager to welcome you into our retro and alternative-gaming arena. Sharpen your gamepads, they'll be your swords during this weekend.

Groups members, designers or mere enthusiasts: do you have a project, game or group you'd like to introduce? We will be happy to let you use the stage to express yourself. Contact us on:

Practical information:

The RGC 2011 is a convention whose theme is retro and alternative gaming. It will take place in Meaux (Seine-et-Marne, France).
Its concept is to offer a space where people can play, demonstrate and share their retrogaming interest.
The Retro-Gaming Connexion organization can provide tables, chairs, screens (subject to prior agreement) and electrical power (within available quantities).

The RGC convention is intended for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, and geographical origin.

The Retro-Gaming Connexion 2011 will last from Saturday 5th, 10 AM to Sunday 6th, 5 PM (local time) in November 2011.

The convention is hosted at this address:
Salle des fêtes de Meaux
Avenue de la Marne / Chemin des Patis
Meaux, France
It is accessible by train (Meaux train station, then by bus)
Detailed information is available on our site/forum -> http://www.yaronet.com/sujets.php?f=2419

Entrance is subject to prior registration and payment, through an online booking form: http://mleguludec.free.fr//index.php?sid=25436&newtest=Y&lang=en
The registration is valid as soon as we receive your payment.
The price depends on whether you attend for one or two days ; women and children under 12 are entitled to a 50% rebate.
Registrations are cancellable with full reimbursement up to October 28th 2011.

The Retro-Gaming Connexion 2011 is organized according to a preset schedule. If you would like to participate, please contact us by email beforehand.

It is possible to sleep in the main room. A transportation service will be available for those sleeping in one of the nearby hotels.

Note: Hardware such as consoles and games are the property of their owner. Any hardware list is purely informative and is not an inventory.

A space will be devoted to sales and trades of video games and related materials. Goods, prices and conditions are under the seller's responsibility.

RGC organization

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