Right Speaker Not Working


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Apr 25, 2009
After the loose shoulder buttons, the lcd bezel not sticking properly, and the snapped screw hole, I found something else not working properly on my pandora.

My right speaker doesn't do anything.

I've been mostly using headphones when doing anything with sound, so I didn't really notice it at first.
Because the speakers are so close together, you hardly notice there's only sound coming from one of them, unless you really try to listen for it.
It's quite obvious when I put my thumb on the left speaker though.
With headphones both channels do work, so it's not a mixer problem.

Yes, I have opened up my pandora to look at the shoulder button problem (I'm not going to lie about that), but I don't think this was caused by that. I haven't made any modifications to anything inside, and I didn't remove board. (Not to mention that I couldn't even see any wires going to the speakers from this side that might have snapped off.. if only, that would make it a lot easier to fix :) )

A bit late now, but still a thing to add to the checklist after assembling a pandora.

Big question of course is, do I still have warranty to get this fixed/replaced ?
You seem quite unlucky. Most people have no problems, some people have one or two little issues, a handful of people have a major problem that needs to be fixed. You seem to have caught every problem that has been reported so far, and added your own. :p
in the mixer you have the option to turn of the left channel and make the right channel louder

might be a good idea to double check
also wrong forum, theres now a dedicated forum for this


Alerino said:
most definitely yes.
you should ask the OP Team. Be aware that email replies might take a while
im pretty sure no

but i cant see Craig screwing you over, you might be able to fix it in house
if the pandoras already been opened might be a good idea to take pics of the inside, and post it in hardware hacking

btw is there any warranty voider
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emcp said:
in the mixer you have the option to turn of the left channel and make the right channel louder
Since headphones work as intended, thats not it...

emcp said:
btw is there any warranty voider
Overclocking is said to be a grey area, but i have my mind made up on my own. If you overclock, you shouldn't claim warranty on memory, cpu & gpu.
If i understood it right, opening the case is NOT a warranty voider, some hardware hacking is encouraged, and if you mess something up, it's your fault, but if anything none-related fails, it's a warranty. (for example, adding the second left/right shoulder buttons, and a SD card reader goes faulty a few weeks later...)
But over all, i don't think there has been a clear statement on what is, and isn't within warranty.
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Opening the case doesn't void the warranty in EU. Also he didn't open the lid(which can't be opened anyway without leaving traces), so the faulty speaker can't have been caused by him, thus he can claim warranty.
Seems one of the very first ones - before we tested the speakers :(
Opening up the unit won't help, as the speaker is in the lid - and the lid is really hard to open.
I suggest sending it back.
Since headphones work as intended, thats not it...

No i was saying, hes simply using his fingers to tell whether the right speaker is working
how about playing some mono sound file, and turning down the left speaker, so if you dont hear anything then its definitely broken

by warranty voider i was talking about a sticker etc which youd be able to tell if it had been opened