Hello all,

Not posting much these days I'm afraid... Sorry about that .

@Raik : I'm still very much interested in RiscOS on the Pyra, so thanks a lot for your time and effort, really appreciated :)

My Pyra is unfortunately collecting dust, so please let me know if I can help you out in any way with tests and stuff and I'll do my best.


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My Pyra is unfortunately collecting dust, so please let me know if I can help you out in any way with tests and stuff and I'll do my best.
Thanks for your offer. I will come back to it.
At this time it is a bit fiddly to use RISC OS. It works only on "self powered devices". There is no power output on hdmi and usb.
The GPIO-Expander-Chip that gives the power are not work correct in RISC OS. Many usb and hdmi devices need the power.
Second problem, autostart is not working well. the bootprocess ends im supervisor mode. U need a serial connection and a terminal to start te grafical environment.
The (unpowered) pyra keyboard driver is the problem here. It has to be kill via terminal and than the you have to kick the autostart manually.
I will refurbish riscos.openpandore.org and add an Pyra-part. I hope an usable Image comming soon.
Refurbish is not the right word ;)

Any Benchmarks (reference OMAP4 Panda) with any improvements and without serial Debug ...

Processor - Looped instructions (cache)________202%
Memory - Multiple register transfer____________294%
Rectangle Copy - Graphics acceleration test____67%
Icon Plotting - 16 colour sprite with mask_______416%
Draw Path - Stroke narrow line_______________181%
Draw Fill - Plot filled shape__________________397%

Step by step but very slowly...
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HDMI Monitor and external Keyboard is working now.
A changed Image you will find next few days on riscos.openpandora.org.

Btw, is the battery icon real? allready working to show the batttery state?

Good question. Try the Image and you will find something like this. ;-)



I boot from eMMC. You see my iconset. Is a bit different to the Alpha but the BattMon is the same.
Is a "Desktop-Pyra" only. LCD and Keyboard support not working at this time.
The sparkfun BattSitter use the same chipset and I use the BattSitter in my PiTab project. The changes in my code to use it on the Pyra are minimal. The charger loads up to 100%... was never working for me on Debian.
I tried your preAlpha and it looks very good!
I am not familiar with RiscOS, but it looks promising. Booting time and overall access speed are great, it's similar to a BeOS/Haiku system!
Does the system only boot sporadically? Only a few times the system booted up, most time the monitor stood black...
However, I'm looking forward to your future releases!
Thanks for your feedback.
For me normally it boots without problems. Today I had probems with an USB Stick plugged and boot fails.
Any times it needs Linuxboot or remove Akku. I'm not sure what the reason is. Write to / read from CMOS is one of the things that bring an unknown state sporadically.
Short update. PyraKey now works as it should.
Briefly described:
The left NUB is used for mouse movement, the right one for the scroll wheel (only the window over which the mouse pointer is positioned scrolls).
The mouse buttons are as follows:
Select := left NUB pressed
Adjust := right NUB pressed
Menu := Menu button (with Pyra symbol)

LCD: Backlight is working ;-)