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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is RVGL, a cross-platform remake of Re-Volt using OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL2 and Enet.


The games use gl4es for the rendering. It's very smooth on the Pyra. It needs original data to be played, but you'll have the option to download them automatically. The keymap is already adapted to the Pyra (same as on the Pandora), with shoulder buttons, and {X}/{B}...

History log

Build 01

  • Initial build
  • based on the Pandora version
Thanks a lot for the Port, i will test it maybe this evening,
there are 2 Packages missing:
- libalure1
- libenet7

For testing purposes, i will install them manually via Synaptic, but i just wantet to let you know ^^
I think you didn't understand how the package thingy warning works: I have put the list of package in the dependancie tracking, and the system warns you that they are missing. It is up to the user to install them, the dbp itself will not do it for you.
For this dbp, the complete list is "libopenal1;libsdl2-2.0-0;libsdl2-image-2.0-0;libalure1;libunistring2;libenet7;unzip;zenity;" but only the one you are missing will show up on the warning.
Well, i just install them, and the DBP downloaded a lot of Gamedata from the Internet, even the Dreamcast Soundtrack and Bonus Content from the Dreamcast..
Loading Times ingame are quite fast, plays quite nice, a Fun RC Racer, i think i will have a Video this Weekend on the 2 new Racing Games at least..
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I though DBP Installer needs some fixes because its dont like the Special Symbols of the Tetris Game? So if its finally back in Working State, than its fine ^^

The Pyra is quite Multi Tasking Capable, so you could have the DBP Run Report Window open, and know what to type in the Search Window of Synaptic..

Ditnt play that much on Revolt yesterday, as it was my long day, so not that much time for Gaming, but its runs quite good,

I have also the Playstation Version but the PC Version whit the Soundtrack from the Dreamcast and the Extra Contant should be much more fun
Hi all !

@ptitSeb : thank you once again for your hard work on the Pyra, really appreciated as always :)

I also had to install libglew2.1 to run this game.

Cheers, Magic Sam
I wonder: How was it possible that you can click on "Download the Game Data", but its dosnt asked for your Money?
Are the Game Data from a Inofficial Fan Remake?
Ah ok, but this page isnt up to date: There is the Pandora Port meantioned, but not the Pyra Port..

I would suspect the PC Cheats for the Original Game are working?

EDIT: just testet it: they work ^^
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Hi all !

@ptitSeb : RVGL runs very well on the Pyra, the graphics are amazing ! Thanks again for your efforts on this one :)

And I just ordered the game on Dreamcast, for training purposes ;)

Cheers, Magic Sam
Hi all !

I played Re-Volt yesterday on my Dreamcast :) The main difference with RVGL lies IMHO in the physics. You can definitely feel how light or heavy your RC cars are. As a result the game is much more challenging on the Dreamcast than on the Pandora / Pyra.

Cheers, Magic Sam
This was not meant as some criticism regarding RVGL, on the contrary :)

For an open source game, it's really similar to its commercial counterpart.

Cheers, Magic Sam