Release RVGL - Re-Volt remake

Hi all :)

I finally got RVGL to work ! Speed is decent (~15 - 25 FPS, depending on the track) on my Rebirth unit with OC @ 825 MHz, and all the eye-candy turned off.

@Huki and @yethiel : thanks for your hard work on this project ! I really hope your "re-make" effort will come to fruition !

and of course, thanks @ptitSeb for porting this to the Pandora :p

Cheers, Magic Sam
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Yes, indeed! Thank you so much for this port. It really is a great game that fits surprisingly well on a handheld! I gave multiplayer another go, and sometimes I can get a game started, sometimes I can't. I'm still having connection drop outs from time to time, and in-game actions don't seem to sinc up very well, although if I remember correctly Revolt multiplayer was a little goofy like that. I had the idea to disable wifi power savings, and that seemed to alleviate the problem somewhat, but there were still some hiccups.

To be honest, I think I'm actually going to chalk this one up to dodgy wifi on the Pandora. For instance, there are times where I can download apps from pndmanager at great speeds, other times the speeds fluctuate wildly between almost as fast as my internet will allow to nothing at all. I'd like to say again, though; Thank you so much for the effort put forth to make this port possible. I thoroughly enjoy it!
Updated build on the repo, with updated source from Huki and updated rv_house too.
rvgl seems to works fine, but I still haven't really tested rv_house.

Build 05

  • Update code from Huki (better deadzone for nub/joystick, refactored graphic code...)
  • Include rv_house (untested).
New build on the repo. Huki updtaed rvgl code, but also fixed a bug in rvhouse. I recompiled it with libboost_serialize v1.55 (exactly this one), and now it works. You can connect, create a room, join a room, race (and be last at the race if like me you have no training). So get an account (it's free of course) and do some online race!

Build 06

  • Update code from Huki to build 0505
  • Update code for RV_House. Tested working (in parameter, set rvgl.exe path to "." or "/mnt/utmp/rvgl")
  • Added optional download of the datas
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Hi all :)

@ptitSeb and @Huki : thanks for this updated version !

I have just completed the bronze cup, and I'll try online multiplayer racing ASAP !

Cheers, Magic Sam
I'm really grateful for your hard work guys, it's one of my favourite racing game! Every update makes me even more happier.
Hi all :)

What a great game ! The learning curve is really well done, the silver cup is much harder than the bronze cup (opponents are driving much faster, meaning that you have to master new available cars in order to be competitive). Most of the time I'm stuck in the 8th position, without any option left... Very challenging :D

@ptitSeb : Could you please have a look at how big explosions are drawn on the Pandora, because they are hitting performance hard (FPS down to ~6...) ? Do you also know where the bottleneck is, and what could be done to improve speed on CC and Rebirth units ? Would reducing the texture size (as mentioned in this thread) be of any help ?

@Huki and @yethiel : how is your remake effort going ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
@Magic Sam : Big explosions done by what? The regular missile/fireworks or something else? Bottleneck, as far as I have looked (not too far in fact) was GPU, so maybe reducing texture size might help, but not sure, there are not that large. I'll try some experiement this week end maybe. But remove eye-candy effect (like shadow and reflect), activate mipmap, and it should run pretty well.
Hi @ptitSeb :)
@Magic Sam : Big explosions done by what? The regular missile/fireworks or something else?
I'd say big explosions caused by your car (or your opponent's car) being turned into a time bomb.

Cheers, Magic Sam
[doublepost=1463047778,1463045625][/doublepost]Hi again,

@ptitSeb : I have some questions / remarks regarding the options:

Textures = locked into 32 bit. Could they be set to 24 or 16 bit instead ?
Enable V-Sync: should it be turned ON or OFF ?
Instance models = has to be ON, otherwise some stuff is not drawn correctly on screen (parked cars for example)
SFX channels: locked to 64. Is it really useful ?
Sample rate: locked to 44.1 KHz. Could it be lowered to 22 or 11 KHz ?

I have also set "Generate Mipmaps" to YES and "Mipmap level" to Point, but couldn't notice any improvement. All the eye-candy is turned OFF, yet the game is a little slow at times (FPS < 15).

Don't get me wrong though, the game remains playable and enjoyable at all times :) It just could use some more FPS, that's it !

Cheers, Magic Sam
I don't think the texture fetching from memory is the bottleneck, so 32->16bits or reducing texture size would probably not help much (especialy with mipmap active). VSync will have no effect. All other effect are CPU related. Maybe I can take a look at the SFX # channels that can be quite CPU intensive, but last time I checked, openal didn't took that much of CPU time.
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I think "Toys in the hood" is the slowest map of the bunch (~15 FPS). I'll try to play with FARCLIP and FOGSTART values in the *.inf file, see if it helps. I also noticed some weird blue lines on the floor in "Ghost Town" since I turned mipmaps on. @ptitSeb : is it a bug ? And I actually changed my mind regarding mipmaps: the game might be a little smoother now they are ON (~30 FPS).

Cheers, Magic Sam
Many file formats are supported (as long as they're still called *.bmp). Some might be faster and smaller than others. I haven't tried that, though.
@yethiel and @_wb_ : what about using FLIF ? ;)

Cheers, Magic Sam
Mipmap should help, because it make less texture access for smaller displayed texture when using bilinear filtering.

About the FLIF, I'm not sure what is really the subject, but if it's about the texture, the format will not change things on runtime fps (because the texture is in VRAM and stays there, independant on the format on disk), and may only influence loading time and size on disk.
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Mipmap should help, because it make less texture access for smaller displayed texture when using bilinear filtering.
I have set both mipmap level and texture filter to "point", does that matter ?

[...]and may only influence loading time and size on disk.
Not really necessary, but still something nice to have, don't you think ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
point filter (GL_NEAREST in GL) will use the less memory bandwidth, but at the expense of the rendering quality. Mipmap + Linear is the best tradeoff (and should not change final performances much).
Hi all :)

Lowering the values in levels/nhood1/nhood1.inf helps a little:
FARCLIP 17000 ;Far clipping distance (draw distance)
FOGSTART 16000 ;Fog start (slightly less than FARCLIP)

With these settings, one should have ~20 FPS in "Toys in the hood" (tested on my Rebirth unit, SGX driver 4.10, OC @ 825 MHz)

Cheers, Magic Sam
I was thinking of putting a script to download (after user confirmation) the data from @yethiel website (here: if there are not present.

What do you think?

That would be quite nice. Just bear in mind that my site only has 1TB of traffic. After that it gets horribly slow. However, I don't mind so give it a shot.

@Magic Sam
Progress is slow but rather steady. Currently, many of us are incredibly busy so it's going even slower.
Check out the forum posts and moddb for some more info: