science in pandora - orienting myself


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Jul 21, 2013
Got a pandora 1gHz, overclocked to 1.1, I would like to orient myself in the Pandora world..

I want to do the follwoing in it :

I have a laptop where i do modelling of climate systems, using various of systems, from C++ / D / Perl / GNUplot / GDL / Octave / scilab / Lua / Freebasic / Freemat / Gambas / Python / Perl / Openscad /Box / Ps ... and so on. my idea is, I want to load the results of the model, often a application specific code, e.g an Openscad code or a scilab code or a freemat code, which produces a interactive 3D object, which I want to explore in Pandora.

I notice that the interactivity in pandora is done with SDL for C++, or Java (apologies if something in the wiki escaped me).  I am actually looking for higher level scrippting environment, whose code can be generated easily from C++ or Scilab or anything : e.g. if my model is a Wind stream tangent to a sphere from point a to point b, with altitude h and c, then i should be able to write the pseudocode :

sphere S (location, radius etc)
streamline SL
attach SL on S at a
attach SL on S at b
SL passes (c,h)

.. In case of a laptop, i actually use a simple parser written in D tomanipulate such pseudocodes, whose syntax more closely represent the terminology in science. Now, in pandora, i want to use this code, to render the model, and use the controls to wxplore the model, such as, rotate, pan, zoom, attach or ddetach components, etc...

But in pandra, before I go into brutal C++ parser for such code + ability to exploit the awesome controls, is there any higher level scrippting environment (I dont like java) that I can use?
You can have Perl, Lua, Python at least. And MH-T has a D compiler for Pandora running, but as a crosscompiler.

And I think MarkW has compiled some Math software also.
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I notice that the shift and control keys are double, The triggers and the keys. How do I differentiate them?
You need to be able to differentiate Left and Right Shift/Controls. Shoulder buttons are Right Shift {L} / Right Control {R}.

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The only controls that are not just keys are the nubs. If you want to use them as joysticks, it's probably easiest to use notaz' SDL (take a look at the source code of a game like NubNub for some example code), even if you don't use SDL for anything else in your program.