Sd Card Speed?


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May 15, 2004
does the speed of the SD card effect how fast emus run?

was wondering if the extra dosh is worth it to buy the faster cards will i get noticeable improvement with things like scumm?

Nope, it shouldn't for emulation. The only speed improvement it should give you is possibly loading time and transfer time. The only emulator that may actually be faster would be PSX, because I believe it streams the data due to the large size from the ISO's.

Not certain for sure, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
I think the biggest difference will be the time it takes you to copy files to your card.

Also if you have a faster card you could play REALLY high bitrate video (think 640x480 with tv out).

Besides that and maybe a very few select apps, the chances are you will not notice the difference anyway, would make a highspeed card seem pointless.

But anyway I still have my 1gb highspeed kingston card. Just to point you at some good deals heres a few links
(my card) 1gb high speed kingston $53 (after rebate)

1gb PNY card $40 (after rebate)

2gb high speed RiDATA $100
I remembered and found this Zodttd quote from about a month ago:
"...Also, keep in mind the faster your SD card is, the quicker the ISO buffer will fill, the faster the game will play. I test GP2PSX on a 66X SD card. There's a 150X card I have my eye on."
However the CD drive within the PS was double speed 300kb/s, I think any speed SD card should be able to atleast fill the buffer at that speed.
That makes sense on the face of it, but it might be safe to assume he knows what he's talking about. ;)