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arr matey?
May 21, 2008
Well i thought i'd get in on the porting fun, so i ported sdlZombies:

Dowload at the archive

SdlZombies project is a zombie game clone by Philippe Brochard.
The purpose of the game is to attract zombies and make them fall in holes.

Now mind you that this is my first port to whatever platform ever (not counting my own game). So don't shoot me if there is a bug left

Pandora changes:
-No nand writes
-Input for options editor fixed for pandora
-PND packaged


may88 said:
What no pictures. Some of us haven't got a Pandora to see that this looks like. :(

Good work. My! You are a busy boy.

Might make some screenshots soon, after i set up screencapture (no alt-prtsc on the panda unless you configure it yourself)

And after half a year and a first release of joust, i needed to do something else. So i tried porting something for the first time. (Panjoust development will continue soon, just enjoying my pandora a bit ; )

To be honest, i played the game, and it's funny, but not something you play for hours. It's just very very simple arcade. Highscore function would be nice, and i could probably add that, but with all the editable game options there is just no standard game to compare with.

But thanks for the support guys

P.s. may88, my music player development will continue one of these days, so you'll have competition again ;)
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