Searching for ancient DOS game: Grand Prix. No, not that one.


Feb 28, 2008
Sydney, Australia
So I found this cool little F1 management game to play in DOSBox.


Year: 1989

Developer: Hole in the Wall

Publisher: Wizard Games

Shareware download:

(So obscure it's not on MobyGames, but the publisher is)

My problem: There are two versions of this, known simply as v1 and v2. The latter is much better, but the shareware limitation is that you can't save games. Keeping forum rules in mind regarding copyrighted material yada yada, I can say that I'm aware of a commercial v1 floating about, but I've only been able to find the shareware v2.

What I'd really like is to drop the original developer a line. I realise the odds of tracking them down are slimmer than HRT scoring a point this year, but it would be a buzz to do so. Does anyone remember this game, or know anything at all about what became of Hole in the Wall or Wizard Games?
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I have a ton of obscure DOS games, I even have 7 different games with "Grand Prix" in the name... I don't have this :(

The only game I have from Wizard Games is one called Rockstar also released in 1989.
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I checked my archive of ancient DOS games, too. No luck. I have some that haven't been backed up from removable media recently, so maybe it's on one of those.
This interests me, I have a large passion for DOS games, I'll look into my collection and if I find anything I'll PM you.
Might be able to contact the dev from Hole In The Wall via Wizard Games?




TD5 8BP,

I did find a torrent with v1 of that game. 58.1kb rar file. Does that sound right?
Is it considered abandon ware? ie will I get in trouble if I post the link to the torrent download?
Is it considered abandon ware? ie will I get in trouble if I post the link to the torrent download?
Abandonware is not a real legal concept, so yes, you would.
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Indeed, nothing is truly abandonware until the developer says so (in which case it would be freeware / public domain). They still appear to be selling it too - see my second link above. I just went out on a limb and paid for the download pack. I'm not confident that I'm actually going to get anything but I can always get a Paypal refund.

Appreciate the offer of help though. Rest assured my research has left no stone unturned. ;)
No worries, good luck, hope it comes through for you.

I used to play a C64 game with my freinds when I was young , can never remember what it was called. The only thing I remember was that you took turns , at each turn everyone else had to leave the room and you then plotted your next move which was usually to sabatage there space ship. It was some space adventure thing. I doubt I'll ever work out what it was given I don't really remember that much about it.
Sorry for the late post on this topic but I too have had this game for many years. No save feature and no way to contact the developer. It might be a lost cause. This version is far supurior to V1. I was wondering if any new info may have come to light. I saw where someone was touting it as a game for phones.
Sorry to drag up an old thread,  I received the copyrights to the entire New Era Software catalog in 2008, I have every single game created by New Era Software / Hole In The Wall and published by Wizard Games of Scotland,  If I can be of any help then please let me know

To show I have provided a screenshot of Grand Prix 2,  you can contact me at dbc1702 at gmail dot com if i am offline on here


Is it considered abandon ware? ie will I get in trouble if I post the link to the torrent download?
It is not abandon ware as I have held the copyright since 2008, I still actively maintain the software by getting it to work on Win Xp and above....