Shipping On The 4Th?


Jul 25, 2006
On this thread Craig mentions that 'we intend to start shipping Pandora consoles from the 4th'.

This prompted a few questions to spring to mind :

1) Is that the 4th of May?
Answer : It was supposed to be but the case factory let us down again. Cue general griping :(

2) Does that mean the cases are on their way?
Answer : No, they are supposed to be shipped from China on 7th May. (From ED)

3) Should people try and find out their places in the queue or would that swamp the office staff?

4) How will the Pandoras be delivered? - Hopefully not via UPS.

5) Are the first batchers still going to receive a wifi dongle?

6) Do you still need volunteers to help with assembly?

I'm sure there will be a few more queries to follow but it would be nice to know, especially question 1.

Edit : Due to the usual signal / noise ratio problem I'll try and add the answers if they are forthcoming.
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Presuming cases are in the wind now or will be sometime this week, they can start assembling them the instant they get them (lets say next monday for the sake of argument). If they can get the resisters done in a short enough amount of time there's a possibility they might ship at least one by the 4th of May.... Ruling out a plague of locusts.
He means the 4th amendment to the constitution., that doesn't make sense...

He means the 4th dimension. It's difficult for us to conceptualize what that means, since we only exist in 3 dimensions. But imagine for a second a 2 dimensional man living in 'flatland'. He's expecting a delivery from the 3rd. We, as 3 dimensional beings could deliver it to him, but to his eyes it would just 'appear' having arrived through 3d space. So if I'm reading this right, your Pandora should just appear one day.

Also, if Craig chopped off your right hand, he could rotate it through 4d space and hand it back as another left hand! Wild!
liquidphantom said:
4th decade of this century? :D

Or 4th millennium...or maybe after the 4th ice age? Or maybe the 4th World War, who knows?
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MWeston will be going over soon, to start modding the first pcbs so wifi works, and that sort. I think craig is going with 'optimal date' -- if everything works out (ie: UPS picks up and ships cases, like they're supposed to; and that the factory actually made them :), then thats the best possible day the very _first_ unit could ship. (ie: Remember, they're going to dribble out slow for the first few days until they get going, then start pumping out. Though the actual rate of ship is yet to be determined of course :)

So yeah, he really means "bloody soon", but thats still assuming a few things go sensibly. We all know California is going to sink into the ocean and take the UK with it :)

Thx for the clarification skeezix. Craig has always been the optimist time, hasn't he.

Hopefully we're really nearing on the first shipped unit... still until those cases are actually picked up by UPS and the quality is okay nothing can happen. (I am assuming the cases haven't been picked by UPS yet, right ?)
General Tso said:
Or 4th millennium...or maybe after the 4th ice age? Or maybe the 4th World War, who knows?
Uh... Hate to ruin this for ya, but there have been a few hundred if not thousands of ice ages.

The only way your going to get that right is if you try to claim you meant after the release of the fourth film in the ice age saga. "Ice Age 4"
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OMG Pandora is going to be officially shipped on STAR WARS DAY !!!!

can it get any better than that ?

(May the 4th be with you :))
Thanks for all the answers so far folks, made me smile.

May the 4th be with you, always.

As for which 4th, I'm prepared to say July.

Edit : Star Wars Ninjad by Lazrhog!
[rant mode on]
Hell I just want to know the cases are in the air. Don't believe a thing until that's confirmed. It's been a week now, so how frigging long does UPS need to pick them up... oh wait, we don't even know the first batch of the cases got finished the 20th?
[rant mode off]

/me feels better now
aliking said:
He means the 4th dimension. It's difficult for us to conceptualize what that means, since we only exist in 3 dimensions.
I thought we lived in like 10 dimensions? (or perhaps 26?) i dunno string theory's not my strong point, but i think the fourth one is time, and the other 6 are really thin so you don't notice em.

Anyway i sent a parcel to China by airmail in February, and it still hasn't arrived... i think we need to sacrifice a goat or something to make sure the cases arrive at all.
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