Simple Pandora crossdev setup?

Do you have the most recent Pandora OS? And if making a big jump, you'll probably need a clean install rather than an upgrade

Yeah, I hadn't used my Pandora in almost a decade, so I did a reinstall with the latest Super Zaxxon firmware before I did anything else.

So that should probably not be the issue. I'm really stumped, normal shell works fine, so to me it seems like CodeBlocks dev shell simply is broken somehow, but then I guess other people should have the same problem, but I've not found anything about it.
It's possible, as in my experience at least it proved difficult to get a full clean copy of codeblocks last time I tried because the server kept aborting my connection. PNDs are bascially dictionary compressed files at the basic level, so it's possible if one bit got flipped at just the wrong point it could be using the wrong dictionary element for reconstruction. The odds of that only affecting the presumably tiny bit of script that sets up the terminal is vanishingly small, but can't be dismissed.
This is a very good point, I used Links to download it because it's over 2gb and the Milky stuff (the repo app) can't handle files over 2gb.
Is there any file integrity check built into the PND system? If not, that would make such an issue more likely. There's no file hash posted in the beta thread as far as I can see, but maybe somebody here could post one. I haven't downloaded the latest version.
Wow! That was it! The PND-file was corrupt - really strange. I checked the MD5 file of the file on my sdcard, and it didn't match yours. Then I checked the file in the download folder on my PC, and it matched! So somehow the file got corrupted while copying or during runtime on the Pandora.
I recopied it, and now the dev shell seems to work just fine! Too bad that .pnd files doesn't have some kind of checksum built in, would have saved me a lot of frustration...

Thank you all for your support and help!
Great! So did you copy the corrupted file from the first (FAT32?) SD card to the second (EXT2?) one?

I'd suggest testing the SD card that the file got corrupted on, in case that's not saving data correctly.

Also, doesn't sound like it's the issue here, but I had problems with corruption on EXT2 SD cards when the Pandora didn't shut down cleanly (but for some reason, no trouble with FAT32 in the same situations, even though that's not journalled either). I changed to EXT4 for my dev card, even if puts a bit more wear on it in the long run. start the fun part, i'm looking forward to some of your productions to run on Pandora.