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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Stunt Car Remake, the classic Stunt Car Racer remake

The version use gl4es and run in fullscreen. Nothing special here. Source code on my github.

History log

Build 02

  • Fixed packaging
Build 01

  • Initial build
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Hi all !

@ptitSeb : thanks for porting this game to the Pyra :)

So far it crashes with the following error message:

samuel@pyra:/tmp/dbpout$ more dbprun-ptitSeb_stuntcarremake-stderr.log 
LIBGL: No EGL configs found (depth=24, stencil=8).
/mnt/dbp/union/ptitSeb_stuntcarremake/ line 2:  3888 Segmentat
ion fault      gl4es ./stuntcarracer -d

What am I doing wrong ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
Hmmm, I see, you no longer ship gl4es with your DBPs, now it's a regular Debian package (libgl-gl4es-pyra if I'm not mistaken), right ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
Not much trouble at all. I'll gladly implement it!!!
Ok, will do so, it will be a few days for I have a bunch of stuff to set for this wednesday.
edit: We are targeting native Pyra right? 720p? Or should I go for full hd?
Any formats that would make your life easier? Or PNG+alpha could do it?
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How about the HUD elements? Do they have to be exactly positioned as the screen shot on the first post? Are they manageable? Like using a non antialiase font or stuff like that?
Made abase model.
Will work from this point so the final image is AMIGA look a like, 16 colors and what not ;)

And they can be. It is hard to read the shapes from both original and remake where the later uses more screen. Showing the wheels, specially where they are touching ground could be troublesome (my brain would never accept the lack of that square shadow you see on the other racer). I may add a bit of that blue side cover.
Also, as an attempt to have a resolution match hud/game, the current WIP should do....but I keep getting mind bugged on what would really be a super cool HUD.
I suspect one styled with very few flat polygons would be a great match to the 3d game visuals. I will give that one a try after making the current one we see here.
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Chaps, likes are welcome but please, give opinions, and go for hardcore criticism, I can take it.
There is only enough time I can dedicate to this excellent game, your input is essential, so just lay them out, let´s make the Pyra version something unique. :)
I WILL test bigger wheels just because @levi said so and worst case I can output things split apart on higher res so anyone can compose it for 720p without loss of quality.
This screenshot looks already quite good. I think the weels are large enough. I see that I should add some shadow also, of the weels at least (that will be a challenge probably). Don't forget the flame for the turbo also.
I forgot the flames! :D Will do them now.
Here are the cockpit and 3 cycle frames for the wheels.
I have attempted to dither style a color reduction that looks like polygons as in an illustration, I hope this kind of visual is a better match with the in-game art.


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