Taking Apart the Pandora



So I woke up one morning to find that my Pandora's touch screen was no longer working. I probably dropped it when I was tired and just don't remember or something. When I ran my finger across the screen, it made some suspicious, crackly-sounding noises. I probably need a new screen. I figured that before ordering a replacement screen, I should open up the top part of the device to make sure that it was the screen that was broken. I took out four screws from the corners around the screen and then attempted to pop off the part of the case that surrounded the screen, but the far-left snap near the hinge refused to come out. I stopped trying for fear of breaking it.

Is there something I'm doing wrong here? Some screw I didn't see? Or do I just not worry about it and muscle the thing out? I didn't have nearly this much trouble opening up the back to fix my shoulder button. I figure that even if I ignore it and go ahead and order a new screen, I'll still have to pop this thing off eventually, and I may as well make sure I can do it so I don't waste my money.


Laptop und Trachtenjanker
Oct 8, 2008
the mockracy
On some units you need a lot of force. I was afraid of breaking the bezel when I changed the LCD cable in mine. Luckily it held. OTOH a case won't break the bank and ED probably still has hundreds sitting in a box.