That took a while...

I am a tad surprised by how much the blue differs from the initial post. This colour looks significantly better.

Cell phones make lousy cameras. It's just the basic physics of lens size and focal length. As ED noted, these were taken with a, "real camera".
Thank you so much @EvilDragon! About the colors, the grey look good, but as someone said, I associate it with the low quality pandora case so it's a no/no for me. The blue also looks awesome but I think the right decisition is a black one (also a white could be awesome).
@EvilDragon If you have enough cases that you can risk damage to one, can you stick one in the freezer for a few hours then bang it on a hard surface. (Or, I think you mentioned that the samples you have now are of more than one compositional formula, so then one of each material.)

I had a machine once (I think it might have been an Apple Newton) that shattered when I bumped it after waiting for half an hour at the bus stop in sub-zero weather.
My GHz unit is covered in small cracks and patches where the paint has worn off. There's no chance of me mistaking that for my Pandora.

The holes for the shoulder buttons at first shocked me too! I was looking at the black case close up, and it looked like the back had been stacked misaligned but the front was perfecty lined up. That can't be right, I thought. And it wasn't - I was just looking at the holes where the shoulder buttons went.

And I'm going to have to assume those weird black patches on the inside of the lid are actually weird shadows
I must admit that the blue one look very good....maybe with red dpad/nubs it will look superb.
The grey don't look good (i don't own a Ghz model of Pandora) instead the black is ok for me. I'm curious to see a dark red case as well.
Or better all togheter in a video comparison.;)
Quick teaser, I made some quick pictures of the cases with a proper camera.

The blue looks awesome! It doesn't look like the smartphone picture at all

Wonderful pictures! Very nice colours, still I very much prefer transparency, like the prototype :~)
Wow... I really like that blue. If that turns out to be an option for the finished product, it's almost certainly the one I would buy.

What happened to the other 2 cases? I mean, the photo of the box looks like there were only 3 in it, but what's with rest?