The Big Open Pandora Community Survey, 2014


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May 7, 2012
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Hello Everyone, since we are getting closer to the launch of the Pyra in 2015, I thought it was a good time to come back on who our community is composed of.

I'd like to invite you to fill out this survey - it should take about 10 minutes of your time, and it's about your habits as a gamer, your experience with the Pandora and your expectations towards the Pyra.

I hope we can get a lot of feedback this way, and I intend to share the results of the survey with everyone in November.

--> Take me to the survey !

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FWIW, google docs won't let me see the survey if I won't log in to them, so I'll not be filling this in.

I've noted in the past that google docs lets me in if I log in then log out before clicking the docs link (which I consider pretty sneaky behaviour), so it's a bit difficult to test, but I've found if you've not logged in this session of your browser at all, they don't load and take you to a log in page instead (I've not tested to see what a private browsing tab does with a docs link, for the record).
Can this only be done once from per google account?

Or could we create bogus account and post credentials here for everyone to use just for this survey? everyone having to create a bogus account themselves, though not sure would work or would say that user has already done that survey?
since we are getting closer to the launch of the Pyra in 201
Had to check the clock to see if I had missed the fact we were already in 2015... sadly, we are still in 2014....
Done also.

If you're worried about teh googlez then just create a one-off account and have done with it, you morons. The questions are quite interesting and I'm looking forward to the results.

I feel a bit surprised to see some people don't have google accounts.

How have you managed to avoid it...