The Big Open Pandora Community Survey, 2014

Maybe you could make the poll on another site then put the data in google to make all the computation and lovely drawings?
No. It's just not worth the trouble, because most ofher survey sites do not even permit the features I use on Google Forms. I have already provided an option not to use Google, by PMing me and sending me your email address. You can answer the form without a Google account if I can forward to it a single email address.

I proposed this but no-one contacted me with their email address, so I'm just guessing everyone who is complaining about Google is just basically too lazy to be bothered and just want to bitch about something in their spare time :D
So, the solution to us not wanting to give our email address to a marketer (you) in order to answer a survey about an open product is to give our email address to you (a marketer).

Since you're requiring submission of email addresses for the purposes of answering this survey, then you must also have a privacy policy. Do you have a link to that?

OT a bit, but at work we use Qualtrics, and it lets you have different questions show up based on answers, etc. It's definitely not Web 1.0
Yeha, but I'm pretty sure it's definitely not cheap either. It's a B2B company, so the prices are likely to be pretty high. 

It's nice to propose your help but if I want to do a survey, I want to have direct access myself to the data.ow
Again, with your direct access to the data, including responder email address which in many cases is a direct link to 'real name', what is your privacy policy regarding this information?
First, people who answered the survey -> I do not have access to their email address at all, and of course none of their real names. That's how Google Forms work.

Now, I asked a question "if you want to leave your forum alias, you can do so" and you'll be surprised how many actually de-anonymized themselves this way. I mean I don't know their real name or anything, but at least if I want to contact them for more info, I can do so via the boards. Again, that was not mandatory.

As for people contacting me via PM to give me their email : i don't have a privacy policy, because I'm not a company. ED has a company so that's a totally different thing. And I operate on trust. I believe people who interact with me know what kind of person I am (it's not like I lurk and hide on the boards) and trust me to do the right thing. Just like, you know, in real life when you meet people - you don't ask for a privacy policy when you have a chat with someone do you ?
Now thats a fair point actually. ED always refused to "harvest" email addresses this way (for example to get in touch with Craig's customers) mainly for privacy reasons.

I cant see any harm done here, but this process kinda contradicts ED's way of dealing with things (at least my understanding of it) and your survey kinda has a somewhat official touch to it. Again, im not hatin' here, just sayin' :)
Again, I do not collect email addresses via the survey. Only if you contact me via PM and give me your email address I would have access to it. But nothing prevents you from making a throwaway account in 2 minutes if you don't trust who you give your email address to, you know ?

And you know, if people really want to know who you are, most likely they will find out anyway. A lot of people use and keep using the same alias across different services and end up leaving hints here and there, so their actual identity is just a Google Search away, unless they have been very careful for the past 10 years or something.
OK, 162 answers so far - thanks everyone who answered.

Since there are few answers coming in these days I am thinking of closing it after this weekend. In case you have not answered the survey yet, please do so by this Sunday 19th evening! 
I hope we can get a lot of feedback this way, and I intend to share the results of the survey with everyone in November.
Any news on when you intend to share the results of the survey?  
Sorry to give this another bump.

@ ekianjo : Any chance you could release the results for the survey? It's appreciated that data analysis is difficult & time consuming. I bet a lot of people, myself included, would be happy to do their own analysis and would be highly interested in seeing the results.
I included the “Not sure about my gender” (labelled as “Others” in the above graph) option and a few picked it up, too (1.1%). Go Figure what that means!
Ooh I think I know what that means! Please sir! Me sir!

Suffice to say this place caters for all sorts.

Edit: Is there a significant difference between the 8-bit and 16-bit splits between the EU and NA? Modern retellings of the era always tend to note that the MD (and to some extent the SMS) were relatively much more successful than Nintendo in the EU than in NA where Nintendo was king. I wouldn't really know - back then apart from the handhelds, I was using various home computers for gaming rather than consoles.
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Thank You Ekianjo for filling us up with so much Informations from the Survey.

I think it was hard to make a such Big Article this Time.

Very interresting to read ;)